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Book Cover for: Clinical Report of Paida Lajin on Thyroid Diseases, Alice Fava

Clinical Report of Paida Lajin on Thyroid Diseases

Alice Fava

The symptoms of thyroid disease are well understood by Western medicine. It can only be said that there is a problem with the immune system that leads to a disruption of thyroid secretion. Why is there a problem with the immune system? How can it be improved? If the cause is clarified by medical research, the problem would have been solved. Since the advent of PL method, the clinical trials with patients have demonstrated that the cause of thyroid disease is no different from any other disease, it is simply a blockage of the meridians. The main cause of the blockage of the meridians is the mind, which includes the negative emotions and misunderstandings.
For more information on the relationship between heart disease and thyroid disease, please refer to the introduction to the Clinical Report of PL on Gynecological Disorders. In short, thyroid disorders are manifestations of heart disorders in the body in the different places and ways, as gynecological disorders. Because of the strong association between two types of illnesses and negative emotions, gynecological illnesses and thyroid illnesses often occur together in one person. It is not difficult to observe another phenomenon, namely that people with these types of illness have various degrees of depression. It is only that some are diagnosed, and others are not yet known. They know whether they are happy in their minds or not. Men also also suffer from thyroid disease, but to a lesser degree. The causes are the same as for women.
Since thyroid problems are linked to the immune system, we must figure out the specific reason that the immune system is out of order. Why are some people strong and others weak? In short, the immune system is part of the self-healing system or self-healing power. The strength of the immune system depends on the smoothness of the meridians. The clearer the meridians and the more positive energy the body has, the stronger the immune system will be. You can read more cases and discussions related to inflammation and immune disorders in Pain and Depression: A Comparative Western and PL Clinical Report. These simple principles can also be verified by all clinical cases in this report.
Which kinds of meridian blockages cause this disease? There is no doubt that all illnesses are compound illnesses. Therefore, all 12 main meridians of the body are usually blocked, and it is logical that the PL of whole body should be used for self-healing. However, there is a pattern. Since the disease is triggered by heart disease, first depression will cause blockages in the heart, pericardium, and lung meridians; secondly, in the three Yang meridians of the hand, i.e. the small intestine, Tri-jiao and large intestine meridians on the outside of the arm. These six meridians (three Yang and three Yin meridians) of the hand also intersect with the thyroid gland. Besides, there are three Yin Meridians of the feet, which are related to blood, namely the liver, spleen and kidney meridians, which are cognate to these three meridians: bladder, stomach and gallbladder meridians.

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