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Book Cover for: Creative Modes Creative Ways: The 11 Modes to Unlock Your Personal Creative Secrets, Dominic Hay

Creative Modes Creative Ways: The 11 Modes to Unlock Your Personal Creative Secrets

Dominic Hay

How many second chances have you had in your life?

Were they given to you, did they just happen by sheer luck, or did you consciously make your own?

CREATIVE MODES CREATIVE WAYS is all about generating your own chances, opportunities, and personal growth, using the natural abilities you were born with, so you can employ them as your situations and circumstances change throughout life. Too many authority figures in our lives have judged and discouraged creative people, processes, products, and environments. We have learned to become our own worst critics, stifling our own ideas and initiatives. Take heart! Creativity is a natural, learnable human cognitive process.

Creative Modes are the sentient sources and raw material of our creative perceptions, and we are born with them. Our senses are specialized and occupy different areas of our brains. Creative Ways are the cognitive means and processes for expressing our creativity. The essential link between our personal Creative Modes and our Creative Ways is a simple and accessible three step process of Hunting, Gathering, and then Harvesting.This unique book will help you to recognize your creative ability so that you can expand on it and enjoy it to your fullest potential. You will find basic approaches, techniques, and ideas to help you find new accessible ways of seeing opportunities and doing things.

DOMINIC HAY wrote this book to help you create more chances in your life. Using several learning methods, he shows you many ways to open up your inherent creativity. There is the compelling story of our ancestor Toba adapting to a hostile environment. There are examples using the HUGH Process(c) (HUnting, Gathering, Harvesting), because creativity is indeed a natural process, not a destination nor a final result. There are dozens of helpful suggestions and tips to help you develop your skills.

He also divided the Creative Modes Creative Ways text into three learning methods and

cognitive approaches:

  1. a fictional narrative based on the origins of creativity; a holistic approach
  2. 2. a theoretical framework employing sentient Modes for how our minds generate creativity quite naturally via our given senses; an explanatory reductionist approach
  3. 3. a set of examples he calls Ways to illustrate how creativity might be applied to different areas of interest; an instructional approach

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  • Publish Date: May 19th, 2022
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About the Author

Hay, Dominic: - Dominic has worked as a sculptor, painter, graphic designer, and teacher. He has worked inmedical research, industrial design, and other industries. He is a graduate of the Universityof Toronto, where he studied fine art history, computer science, math, and philosophy. He heads Ingenious Chihuahua, a creativity training and publishing company. Contact himat Dominic@DominicHay.comYou don't have to wait any longer for second chances, you can generate your own when youneed them, by using the simple methods he's outlined for you in this book.