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Book Cover for: Creator's Economy in Metaverse Platforms: Empowering Stakeholders Through Omnichannel Approach, Babita Singla

Creator's Economy in Metaverse Platforms: Empowering Stakeholders Through Omnichannel Approach

Babita Singla

In the era of the metaverse, a big challenge permeates the digital landscape-a challenge that resonates both with creators seeking to thrive in this dynamic space and policymakers attempting to navigate its uncharted territories. Creators, driven by innovation, grapple with a myriad of uncertainties in monetizing their virtual content effectively. Simultaneously, policymakers find themselves at a crossroads, caught between the rapid evolution of the virtual realm and the lack of clear regulatory guidelines. This struggle is exacerbated by the issue of cybersecurity threats that cast a shadow over the metaverse's transformative potential. It is within this context of challenges that Creator's Economy in Metaverse Platforms emerges, poised to tackle the pressing issues at the intersection of creativity, regulation, and the ever-expanding metaverse. Creator's Economy in Metaverse Platforms dissects, analyzes, and offers solutions to the multifaceted challenges prevailing in the metaverse. By addressing fundamental questions about the creator economy, the elusive concept of the metaverse economy, and the indispensable role policymakers play, the book provides a holistic understanding of the landscape. Delving into topics such as stakeholder engagement, digital asset management, and the intricacies of various monetization models, it equips readers with actionable insights. Not content with a reactive approach, the book takes a proactive stance, offering solutions to foster interoperability and create an ecosystem where creators and policymakers can mutually thrive. It envisions not just a book but a catalyst for transformative change in the metaverse.

Book Details

  • Publisher: IGI Global
  • Publish Date: Feb 26th, 2024
  • Pages: 312
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 10.00in - 7.00in - 0.65in - 1.20lb
  • EAN: 9798369345559
  • Categories: Virtual & Augmented RealityHuman-Computer Interaction (HCI)Economics - General