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Book Cover for: Cristobal Bull, Chris Corbett

Cristobal Bull

Chris Corbett

Cristobal Bull is a fun story of perseverance on the journey of finding one's identity. It shows us if we continue to pursue our dreams, we will reach a point where we know this is what we were meant to be. That point is a place of power for each of us in our lives, including your children.

Relevance to Today's World

We all find ourselves on a journey and our life experiences make us who we are. The road leads us to achievements, and sometimes those achievements leave us empty inside. If we keep progressing forward and making new choices, we can find ourselves.

Have you noticed in your 30s or 40s that you look back and think, "If only I had known...?" If so, reflect back on that time. You believe that if you had known a specific nugget of information, it would have prevented some pain and suffering from occurring in your life. As a parent, you will think the same thing about parenting. "If only I would have addressed this earlier in life, my child wouldn't be where he or she is now."

The Cristobal Bull story will plant seeds in your child to help them find their identity, connect with their dreams, and find their place of power in life. Not connecting with dreams or one's identity creates issues in life.

The story aligns perfectly for what you want for your children. And later in life, your children will look back on their life and say, "I'm so glad you taught me this. I remember the Cristobal Bull story!"

Those seeds of success may never be activated in your child's life in such a deep and memorable way as they are with this story. Every time your children gaze at the nighttime sky, they will be reminded of their power within. No other children's book gives them a strong association like this.

Other values emphasized in this book include courage, truth, friendship, confidence, self-awareness, emotional stability, discovery, and love. Raising children is difficult at times. How to teach kids confidence, set up boundaries, learn how to be happy, and learn self awareness are all things they must learn to be successful. This book will be instrumental to you during these times.

Written for young children aged 6 to 10.

Cristobal Bull is a great book choice for:

- Parents who encourage their children to persevere in life as well as be successful

- Elementary school teachers and parents who want their children to never settle out for anything except their true purpose in life

- Parents who see that their children are gifted and don't want them to stop growing just because they hit an early goal.

- Librarians at elementary school who see a need for how to teach kids self awareness.

- Parents who see that social media could change a child's life for the good overnight and put them on a 'pedestal' - and don't want them to stop growing, learning, and following their heart's desires to uncover their mission in life

- Home-schooling parents looking for books on how to teach a kid about life

- Those who need a little encouragement that it's always possible to follow your dreams, even if life takes you on another road temporarily (like parenthood)

- All of us who need periodic reminders about diving into our goals and making dreams come true

Just as your children will awaken their dreams deep inside themselves, yours will come alive too!

Book Details

  • Publisher: Christopher Clark Properties
  • Publish Date: Apr 18th, 2023
  • Pages: 44
  • Language: English
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