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Book Cover for: Cultivate Hope and Engagement in Your Life: Creating and Utilizing Hope for Healing, Michelle J. Scallon

Cultivate Hope and Engagement in Your Life: Creating and Utilizing Hope for Healing

Michelle J. Scallon

Cultivate Hope and Engagement in YourLife is a complete curriculum empowering professionals to guide participants toward flourishing through engaging in passions related to work, hobbies, family time, and community welfare. Each chapter includes a therapeutic plan with goals, actions, demonstrations of learning, and tips for an effective therapeutic environment for individuals and groups. The chapters are:

    Chapter 1: Engage Using Your Right BrainChapter 2: Engage Your Feelings Through FashionChapter 3: Engage With Your GoalsChapter 4: Engage Through Motivated PassionChapter 5: Engage Through Enhanced Flow

People who flourish tend to engage with life fully. Being engaged with life can mean many things to different people, such as feeling happy and satisfied with your life, having warm social and supportive relationships, being hopeful about your future, having a sense of purpose and meaning, and being completely engaged in all aspects of your life.

There is no one pathway to an engaged life. Everyone has the opportunity to become more engaged in their lives through...

    Engaging in spare-time activities such as singing, gardening, and exercising.Engaging through volunteer work to help elders, students, or animals.Engaging at work by learning new technology, taking on leadership roles, and mentoringother employees.Engaging by using inner strengths such as courage, altruism, and patience.Engaging by focusing on social relationships involving family, friends, and community.

Since there is no best way to engage with the world, several questions can guide the exploration of engagement activities:

    What skills and talents do I possess or can I develop that will lead to greater hope?What skills and talents can I rediscover that will lead to greater hope?How can I identify and develop what I excel at and love?What am I passionate about?What activities can help me reach my full potential?What activities can I pursue that will lead to a path of hope?

This workbook is part of Positive Psychology - The Hope Series, a five-book series created by Dr. Michelle Scallon and Dr. John Liptak. Their Hierarchy of Hope model helps people generate hope and create a new purpose after experiencing significant or traumatic changes.

To flourish, people will explore their passions and identify activities that interest them. These activities are most identifiable when people lose all sense of time. Finding activities that put people in a flow state is crucial to elevatin

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  • Publisher: Whole Person Associates
  • Publish Date: Apr 12nd, 2024
  • Pages: 126
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 11.00in - 8.50in - 0.27in - 0.68lb
  • EAN: 9781570253805
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About the Author

Liptak, John J.: - John J. Liptak, EdD, is an internationally recognized author with over thirty years of work experience providing counseling services for mental health clients, college students, offenders, and ex-offenders. He has spent a lifetime developing hope-generating materials for others to use. He authored over 100 workbooks with Ester Leutenberg on topics such as stress management, substance abuse, domestic violence, and developing and maintaining effective personal and intimate relationships. In addition, John has written 31 career assessment instruments for JIST Publishing, 10 books for various publishers, and 13 e-books for Bookboon. Dr. Liptak is the President of the Center for Career Assessment, Inc., a research and development firm specializing in creating hope-related psychoeducational materials. He works with multiple publishing firms. The materials he developed are used internationally in a wide variety of settings, including schools, job training centers, mental health facilities, and prisons. John's work has been featured in the Associated Press and in numerous newspapers, including the Washington Post, Tampa Bay Times, and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, on MSNBC television and CNN Radio. He appeared in the PAX/ION television series Success without a College Degree. John earned a Doctor of Education in Counselor Education/School Counseling and Guidance from Virginia Tech. He lives in Radford, Virginia, with his wife Kathy and their Shih Tzu named MacKenzie.
Scallon, Michelle J.: - Michelle J. Scallon, PhD, earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University (SPU) in 2007. She earned her BA in Psychology with a minor in Business from Central Washington University and her Master's Degree in Psychology from SPU. Dr. Scallon conducted a research study while completing her dissertation titled The Impact of Social Support and Humor on Levels of Hope in Individuals Who Are Coping With HIV/AIDS. In addition to this research, she made peer-reviewed presentations at the Western Psychological Association conference in Palm Springs, CA. She has presented research on cognitive flexibility, coping, and hope in the HIV/AIDS population. Dr. Scallon has over 15 years of experience providing counseling and psychotherapy to a wide variety of populations. For over ten years, she worked as a mental health clinician and supervisor in a correctional institution, treating incarcerated individuals and conducting therapeutic groups. Dr. Scallon conducted crisis work and psychotherapy and was integral to running a mental health program called Modified Therapeutic Community. This program was aimed at helping incarcerated individuals increase prosocial skills to reduce their chances of recidivism. Dr. Scallon draws on a wide variety of evidence-based techniques, including those from Positive Psychology. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Michelle has become an internationally known self-help author. She has written sixteen books, many with Dr. John Liptak. She is passionate about helping people capitalize on their strengths to maintain hope. Her current interest is finding ways to help people remain positive and cope amidst the challenges of personal and global change. In her spare time, she is an avid volunteer for a local children's non-profit organization.