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Book Cover for: Curly And Floppy Twistytail (The Funny Piggie Boys), Howard R. Garis

Curly And Floppy Twistytail (The Funny Piggie Boys)

Howard R. Garis

"Curly and Floppy Twistytail: The Funny Piggie Boys" with the aid of Howard R. Garis is a pleasing kid's book that takes young readers on a fascinating journey with two endearing piglets, Curly and Floppy Twistytail. Written by way of the prolific children's creator Howard R. Garis, acknowledged for his resourceful and whimsical testimonies, this book is probable to captivate the hearts of young audiences. The tale follows the escapades of Curly and Floppy as they navigate a global full of fascinating characters and thrilling reviews. The mischievous piglet brothers embark on amusing and sometimes silly adventures, providing younger readers with a feel of pleasure and marvel. Garis, renowned for his ability to create enticing and pleasing tales for children, can also infuse the narrative with humor, life training, and a hint of fable. As Curly and Floppy encounter diverse demanding situations and make new pals, readers may additionally discover themselves immersed in a world where creativeness knows no bounds. The colourful and playful storytelling style, coupled with Garis's knack for growing relatable characters, can also make "Curly and Floppy Twistytail" a loved addition to kid's literature.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publish Date: Feb 1st, 2024
  • Pages: 114
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 0.27in - 0.34lb
  • EAN: 9789361155598
  • Categories: Action & AdventureHumorous - General

About the Author

Garis, Howard R.: - Howard Roger Garis was an American novelist best known for a series of tales featuring Uncle Wiggily Longears, a charming elderly rabbit. Lansing Campbell created illustrations for many of his novels. Garis and his wife, Lilian Garis, were arguably the most prolific children's authors of the early twentieth century. Garis was born in Binghamton, NY. He and his wife, Lilian Garis, worked as reporters for the Newark Evening News. He did some side work for WNJR in Newark. The first Uncle Wiggily story appeared on January 10, 1910, in the Newark News. For nearly four decades, the newspaper carried an Uncle Wiggily story by Garis every day except Sunday, and the series finally became nationally syndicated. Garis retired from the publication in 1947, having penned almost 11,000 Uncle Wiggily articles. Milton Bradley first began marketing the Uncle Wiggily Game in 1916. Parker Brothers purchased the board game's license in 1987 and continued to produce it for several years. As of 2018, Winning Moves was manufacturing the Uncle Wiggily Game.