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Book Cover for: Daily Angel Tarot Reading - Second Edition, Amanda M. Clarke

Daily Angel Tarot Reading - Second Edition

Amanda M. Clarke

Discover the Power of Divine Guidance: Daily Angel Tarot Reading

Are you ready to unlock the profound wisdom of your guardian angels and experience a daily connection like never before? Introducing "Divine Guidance: Daily Angel Tarot Reading," the ultimate companion for seekers of divine inspiration and guidance.

Step into a world where tarot meets mindfulness, where the ethereal realm merges with your inner consciousness. This groundbreaking book offers a fresh and unique approach to tarot, infused with the loving guidance of your angelic allies and the divine forces you hold dear.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting pages of "Divine Guidance." Each tarot page is accompanied by an empowering interpretation, granting you a daily mantra, heartfelt encouragement, and profound insight. Open your heart and mind to receive the messages the angels long to share with you.

Within these pages, you'll find simple yet powerful techniques to connect with your inner conscious mind, allowing the angels to communicate their divine wisdom directly to your soul. With the provided instructions and the tarot pages of answers, you'll effortlessly establish a sacred bond that unveils a tapestry of guidance and clarity in your life.

And that's not all. "Divine Guidance" also features dedicated journaling pages at the end of the book, inviting you to embark on a personal voyage alongside your Daily Angel Tarot Readings. Witness the magic unfold as you pour your thoughts onto the pages and witness the profound clarity that emerges.

Whether you're a seasoned tarot enthusiast or just beginning your spiritual journey, "Divine Guidance: Daily Angel Tarot Reading" is here to serve as your trusted companion. Awaken your intuition, find solace in your search for answers, and experience the comforting presence of your angelic guides by your side.

Embrace the power of Divine Guidance today and let your angels illuminate the path to your dreams. This beautifully crafted book holds the key to your innermost desires and the answers you seek.

Divine Guidance: Daily Angel Tarot Reading has all 78 Major and Minor Arcana each with their own interpretation and mantra to give you the answers you seek and the guidance of the angels on a daily basis.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Koru Publishing
  • Publish Date: Feb 1st, 2024
  • Pages: 102
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 7.48in - 4.72in - 0.21in - 0.21lb
  • EAN: 9780645833515
  • Categories: GeneralGeneral
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