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Book Cover for: Dance: Tests, Tears & Triumph, Cynthia Abednego-Kgagodi

Dance: Tests, Tears & Triumph

Cynthia Abednego-Kgagodi

In every painful and difficult season, where challenges loom like dark clouds, there exists a dance that unfolds in the storm. This book, "Dance: Tests, Tears & Triumph" bears witness to a journey of resilience, and to the enduring spirit that finds strength in faith and hope. Amidst the trials that threaten to drown the soul, and through the tears that fall like raindrops, characters rise. With uncertainty and being stuck between a rock and a hard place, there lies a chance for triumph. The title "Dance: Tests, Tears & Triumph" hereby resonates with the heartbeat of perseverance. Dance encourages readers to treat life like a moving ambulance with a ringing siren, and to move swiftly with urgency to navigate all challenges with an alert and active mindset aimed towards the finish line. The title highlights that even in the darkest moments there is a divine choreography, a dance in the storm, that leads to a sanctuary of light and redemption. Challenges will always come, but we make the choice to fight or flee. In this book, I bare my soul by recounting intimate details from a life marked by struggle. This includes the absence of a father, nursing a sick child, dealing with the loss of my mother, meeting people who changed my life for the better, believing a lie about my weight, and ultimately finding purpose and identity in faith and hope. This book stands as a diary of some of the storms where faith has been battered, bruised, and tested.

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  • Publish Date: Feb 15th, 2024
  • Pages: 194
  • Language: English
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