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Book Cover for: Dare 2 Live Well: The Ultimate Guide to Building Generational Health, Rochelin Herold

Dare 2 Live Well: The Ultimate Guide to Building Generational Health

Rochelin Herold

Over the past fifteen years, as a licensed health provider in the United States, I remain incredibly inspired at how the human body works and its ability to heal and repair itself if given the right resources and conditions. I have always believed that the fundamental premise of our healthcare system should focus on using the best practices across all disciplines to offer solutions that support the inherent healing ability of the body to obtain sustainable health outcomes. In what is regarded as the best healthcare system in the world, it is ideal to have a system that begins the caring process with the most effective, conservative and minimally invasive solutions coupled with a mindset to offer protocols that help people sustain a healthier, pain-free life. We all know that is not happening on the grand scale.

In my field I have come across thousands of patients who are beyond frustrated with the current status quo of treatment they and their family members have been offered for various conditions, usually limited to medication, injection, or surgery. By the time many patients reach my office, they have already spent a lot of time and money seeing multiple providers and specialists without experiencing sustained positive outcomes, if any at all. Moreover, I truly believe that there is an even larger population of people who are choosing to suffer in silence due to their dissatisfaction with health options or the rising cost of care. This only creates an epidemic proportion of chronic health issues that lead to alarming ER visit rates, premature surgeries, reliance on pain medication and even preventable deaths!

The solution to these problems is the challenge I present to you when I say, "Dare 2 Live Well." The dare is evident because you must boldly assign accountability and responsibility for your health into your own hands. You must take the reins! I wrote this book to help you navigate a challenging and complex health care system that is broken. This guide will help make the system work for you as you endeavor to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Most importantly, I want to help shift your focus from pain to prevention and help you recognize the reality that our health-related decisions have a resounding and lasting impact on our families and on future generations.

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  • Publisher: Covenant Books
  • Publish Date: Apr 24th, 2024
  • Pages: 162
  • Language: English
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