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Book Cover for: Dead Ends, Jonathan Dunne

Dead Ends

Jonathan Dunne

Dead Ends is an eclectic potpourri of nine horrific tales, including two tales to be adapted for full-length upcoming novels, Drive and Fireman

Dead-end Tale 1: Drive
A battered black Audi Quattro in Old Castle's scrapyard has become a morbid attraction for the town's youth since 17-year-old Kelly Monroe's life was taken in that tomb-on-wheels. Kelly's three best friends make the mistake of paying the scrapyard a nocturnal visit to say a final goodbye.
This short story is going to be developed as a full-length novel with the same title slated for late 2024

Dead-end Tale 2: Hanna
Hanna, the old woman living at the top of the building, isn't who her neighbours think she is, and there's an odd smell coming down the pipes from her flat.

Dead-end Tale 3: The Dark Web
There's something in the attic spinning a dress of silk for Jessica.

Dead-end Tale 4: The Dare
Norman Childers is a suspense writer suffering from writer's block. One sleepless night, he notices something strange in the park across from his apartment. He finds himself being a character in his own novel, but he needs to find out how the story ends.

Dead-end Tale 5: Yucky!
Widow Slater is a haunted woman who cannot escape her past. Thinking she is losing her mind, she makes a strange confession.

Dead-end Tale 6: Bad Blood
Baby Starkweather was born with a quirk - he only drinks blood - which is a growing problem for his foster mother. And as little Starkweather grows, so does his thirst.

Dead-end Tale 7: The Taxi Driver
Jake Montgomery suffers a terrible shock when he discovers his daughter Eva is allergic to nuts. Panicked, Jake flags down a taxi to take them to the hospital. The strange taxi driver is determined to get her to the hospital on matter the consequences.

Dead-end Tale 8: Crossbreed
When the Mackenzie family set off on their yearly camping trip, they did and didn't know they would and wouldn't be returning home.

Dead-end Tale 9: Fireman
When Max Power received the alert message on his pager, he expected it would be a night like any other night. He was wrong.
This short story is going to be developed as a full-length novel with the same title slated for late 2024

Book Details

  • Publisher: Jonathan Dunne
  • Publish Date: Dec 14th, 2023
  • Pages: 204
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.00in - 5.00in - 0.47in - 0.50lb
  • EAN: 9798223856450
  • Categories: Horror - GeneralOccult & SupernaturalShort Stories (single author)

About the Author

Dunne, Jonathan: -

Admittedly, Jonathan has done things arseways most of his life, from completing a BA in Literature in his thirties to fitting teeth brackets (30's, porcelain). During this general confusion, Jonathan has had various short stories published. Jonathan suffers from photophobia though has a tendency towards fireworks. Originally from Limerick, Ireland, he now lives the reclusive life in Toledo, Spain, as a bearded hermit, with his wife and three daughters. He is known to be found in the local cemetery at the weekend during daylight hours, though for goodness sake, don't sneak up on him.

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