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Book Cover for: Decoding Mark, John Dart

Decoding Mark

John Dart

Using both his background in interpreting biblical research and his interest in word-puzzles, nationally known journalist John Dart decodes the Gospel of Mark, with explosive results. Dart uses ancient, puzzle-like writing devices called chiasms, which are found throughout Mark, to reconstruct the original Gospel. By the presence or absence of these chiasms, he identifies sections of the Gospel that were added by a later editor, and he recovers passages from the Secret Gospel of Mark (a work discovered in 1958) that the pattern of chiasms indicates had been deleted from canonical Mark.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Continuum
  • Publish Date: Oct 28th, 2003
  • Pages: 224
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.24in - 6.32in - 0.81in - 1.13lb
  • EAN: 9781563383748
  • Categories: Biblical Studies - New Testament - GeneralBiblical Criticism & Interpretation - New Testament

About the Author

Dart, John: - John Dart, news editor of Christian Century magazine and a religion writer at the Los Angeles Times for 30 years, has written extensively about New Testament research. He won a 2004 American Academy of Religion award for in-depth reporting on religion. His books include The Laughing Savior: The Discovery and Significance of the Nag Hammadi Gnosti Library; The Gospel of Thomas: Unearthing the Lost Worlds of Jesus; and Deities & Deadlines. Dart has won numerous reporting awards.

Praise for this book

"John Dart, weds his journalistic experience covering biblical research with careful attention to word and thematic plays to offer a provocative reconstruction of an original Mark... in a breezy, conversational style... displaying a journalist's flair for story telling." -Mark Schuler, Review of Biblical Literature, September 2004
Blurb from reviewer
"In Decoding Mark John Dart employs his refined journalistic skills to lead the reader through the fascinating paths of Markan research. With a light touch and an autobiographical flair, he explores the intricacies of the canonical and Secret Gospels of Mark. His rehearsal of significant scholarly moments is memorable, and his own solution to decoding the Gospel of Mark is as provocative as it is ingenious."--Marvin Meyer, Griset Professor of Bible and Christian Studies, Chapman University
Religious Studies Review
"Dart writes engagingly in language accessible to any fairly literate adult, and this book may well encourage intelligent laity to take biblical scholarship more seriously." -Religious Studies Review, April, July 2004