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Book Cover for: Depression: The Path To Healing, Dan Ohtee

Depression: The Path To Healing

Dan Ohtee

An overview of the main points - Depression is a severe mental illness that affects children and teenagers and can have a big influence on their academic, social, and emotional growth. - It is typified by enduring depressive and hopeless feelings as well as a loss of interest in once-enjoyed activities. - The signs and symptoms of depression in children and adolescents can differ from those in adults, so it's critical to identify them in order to offer the right kind of support and care. - Depression is becoming more common among kids and teenagers, which is a rising public health concern. - Family history, traumatic experiences, long-term sickness, social isolation, peer pressure, and substance misuse are risk factors. - Making a diagnosis requires a thorough assessment that includes behavioral, psychological, and physical evaluations. - Medication, such as SSRIs and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), is usually used in conjunction with psychotherapy. Optimism for Healing: - Children and teenagers can overcome depression and lead happy, healthy lives with the right care and assistance. - The likelihood of long-term negative effects can be decreased by implementing early intervention and prevention techniques, such as addressing bullying and social isolation and encouraging healthy coping mechanisms. - Access to mental health treatments and support, as well as the development of good relationships between children and their caregivers, are essential for rehabilitation. By placing a high priority on our children's mental health and wellbeing, we can assist them in building the resilience and coping mechanisms they need to face the obstacles of life. - Children and teenagers can grow and overcome depression if they are given hope and assistance. Give your reviews pls and kindly click on the buy button as we go against Depression into the fight for survival together. Thank you.

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  • Publish Date: May 22nd, 2024
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