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Book Cover for: Destroy the Kingdom of Darkness: - In your Life, Family, Community and Nation (Volume 1 of 6), Roger K. Ali Bocus

Destroy the Kingdom of Darkness: - In your Life, Family, Community and Nation (Volume 1 of 6)

Roger K. Ali Bocus

All of life, all of the animals, the birds, the fishes, the trees....everything, is all about Kingdom - The Kingdom of God in particular - Its existence, rule, and impact upon mankind, the world system, the earth, the universe and all of God's creation including heaven itself from where it was all formed and is maintained, is all about the Kingdom of God. And until you come to the knowledge of this truth, life and your purpose on the earth would not make sense to you.

This is the purpose of this book series it is to reveal to you some details about all the existing Kingdoms.

Come with me as we explore all existing Kingdoms and which Kingdom we should submit to and obey.

The bible is about a king, a royal family, a kingdom, a government, and a colonization project.

In this book, the first of the Series "Understanding Kingdoms", we will delve into understanding the Kingdom of Darkness. To fully understand the Depths of the Kingdom of Darkness you will need to understand about Kingdoms.

Understanding Kingdoms - Their Influence, Impact and Control over mankind, the world and the earth.
'Destroy the Works of Darkness' includes:

  • The Structure of the Kingdom of Darkness
  • How the Kingdom of Darkness Operates
  • The Mission of the Kingdom of Darkness
  • The Strategies of the Kingdom of Darkness that Satan uses to accomplish his goals, and his vision for mankind and the earth.
  • How to Destroy the Kingdom of Darkness.
  • ...and more
Most of the times when the devices and plans of the Devil are spoken or preached about it is spoken in general terms, never in direct, detailed terms.

This is the purpose of this series which the Lord wanted me to write - it is to expose the detailed strategies of the enemy and how to overcome each and every one of his weapons and win in spiritual warfare with the Kingdom of Darkness, every single time.

Why write a book on the Devil and his operations?

  • Because I was instructed of the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, who is the Head of the Church to do so.
  • It reveals how the Devil operates.
  • It reveals the plans of the Devil.
  • It reveals the purposes of the Devil.
  • It reveals the integrated operations and existence of evil
  • It brings to light all the operations of the Devil, and unveils all his masquerades. It blows his cover. He would now have nothing he could hide under or behind which the saints of God equipped with the knowledge in this book would be able to easily identify, overcome and destroy.
  • It better prepares the believers to know their enemy.
  • It equips the believers with the tools necessary to fight and overcome the Devil and his evil hosts; and the knowledge of how to effectively use those tools.
This book was inspired by the Holy Spirit to reveal the operations of the Kingdom of Darkness and to arm the believers in Christ with knowledge and the Wisdom of God to use that knowledge to Destroy the Works of Darkness in their life, family, community and nation.

I pray that it would accomplish the goals for which it was written.

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  • Publish Date: Apr 9th, 2024
  • Pages: 166
  • Language: English
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