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Book Cover for: Devil's Puzzle: Love, Sex & Espionage, Leilac Leamas

Devil's Puzzle: Love, Sex & Espionage

Leilac Leamas


My name is Leilac Leamas, although those who truly knew me understood that even that identity was just a mask, a façade behind which lurked a more complex figure. By trade, I was a corporate consultant, operating at the intersections where commerce, politics, and influence coalesced. But beneath the surface of that seemingly innocuous professional label, I was an operative. My currency was the clandestine information that could either build empires or bring them tumbling down.

As I lowered myself into the plush expanse of my airplane seat, the cabin enveloped me in a hushed stillness. Only the muted roar of the engines and the distant, furtive mutterings of other passengers broke the silence. There, within the confined space of the cabin, ninety precious minutes of contemplation stretched ahead-a fleeting respite to untangle the complex web of my forthcoming mission.

This was no ordinary endeavor, no pedestrian bout of corporate subterfuge or international political maneuvering. Rather, it promised a descent into the very bowels of organized crime, under the banner of Sacra Corona Unita. This syndicate's history was a dark quilt of familial oaths and criminal legacy, stretching back through the annals of time.

Previous missions had me face-to-face with power brokers and kingmakers, men and women whose machinations could topple governments. But that journey was a different breed of monster. I was to tread into a realm where legality held no court-a sphere dominated by criminal factions like the Camorra and the 'Ndrangheta, their dominion vast and menacing. My task? To procure documents so incendiary they could shatter the judiciary, rocking the very pillars upon which the law stood. Risky? Indubitably. Yet from the perspective of my unique expertise, a vital expedient to uncover greater monstrosities.

To further muddy the waters was the Nemesis-a shadowy, enigmatic force. A phantom presence felt chiefly through abrupt disappearances, their machinations seemed particularly focused on commandeering telecommunications in Portugal and Brazil.

But these were just some of the formidable and feared adversaries that I would face on a mission lasting several years-perhaps love, with its many nuances, curves, countercurves, ups and downs, was the most fearless and unexpected of adversaries.

My squad had been instrumental in digging up those volatile files. We operated in the twilight zones of legal ambiguity, offering our expertise to the highest bidder-not merely in terms of wealth but in pledges toward a loftier morality. Although our tactics often danced on the knife's edge of ethics, we saw ourselves as a counterbalance in a world rife with systemic imbalances.

As the plane commenced its descent, a gnawing unease wormed its way into my consciousness. That mission loomed as a transformative force, one with the power to alter not just my career but my emotional landscape. There, at that critical crossroads, love could evolve from a fleeting diversion to a vital element in a devilishly complex puzzle-a test of not just my skill set but the fragile human fibers that make me who I was.

So steel yourself, for a roiling journey into a sphere where criminal empires and human frailties collide; where loyalty is a two-faced coin, and each move ripples through a tangled network of bonds and duplicities. At stake was more than my life's work-it was the very essence of who I am, and perhaps, who you might become.

Secure your seatbelt. We descend into a maelstrom of chaos-a piece of the Devil's puzzle, waiting to be fit into the heart.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Silent Pen
  • Publish Date: Mar 12nd, 2024
  • Pages: 536
  • Language: English
  • Edition: - 0018
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 1.19in - 1.71lb
  • EAN: 9789893352816
  • Categories: Romance - EroticErotica - GeneralThrillers - Espionage