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Book Cover for: Diapers to Depends Poop, the Shared Experience Your 8th Psychiatric Consultation. William Yee M.D., J.D. Copyright Applied for 01/26/2020, William Yee

Diapers to Depends Poop, the Shared Experience Your 8th Psychiatric Consultation. William Yee M.D., J.D. Copyright Applied for 01/26/2020

William Yee

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  • Publish Date: Feb 19th, 2023
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About the Author

Yee, William: - Dr. Yee started medical School at Wayne State University School of Medicine in 1968. Dr. Yee worked as an Emergency Room Physician at Detroit General Hospital in 1973 and 1974 "moonlighting" from 9 pm to 7 am Friday and Saturday nights for $16 an hour. That was $160 a shift and at that time Dr. Yee was able to buy a Volkswagen Beetle without a radio and without air conditioning for $1600 cash. Since then, Dr. Yee has worked at Riverside Psychiatric Hospital, a prison hospital, Bellamy Creek Prison and I-Max prisons in Ionia Michigan, Brooks and Muskegon Prisons in Muskegon, Michigan, Pelican Bay, CSP-Sac, and San Quentin Prisons in California. Dr. Yee has worked at Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital and Caro State hospitals in Michigan and Atascadero and Patton State hospitals in California. These are Forensic Psychiatric Hospitals for the Criminally Insane, and Incompetent to Stand Trial, and the Not Guilty by virtue of Insanity. Dr. Yee has appeared as an expert in psychiatry in probate court, state and federal courts in civil and criminal trials in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and California. Dr. Yee has been the Medical Director at Southwestern Indiana Community Mental Health in Evansville, Indiana and the Bowen Center in Warsaw Indiana for a total of twelve years. Dr. Yee was in private practice from 1977 to 1984 in Taylor, Michigan and was the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Heritage Hospital in Taylor, Michigan. Dr. Yee was an Expert Witness in Psychiatry for the Michigan Attorney General in the early 1990's doing Peer Review for Medicaid Claims for Psychiatric Hospital admissions and billings. Dr. Yee worked with active-duty military at Fort Hood Texas during a period where the entire chain of command was relieved of their assignments after a soldier was murdered at Fort Hood. Dr. Yee has had the privilege of over 20 contract assignments as a traveling psychiatrist since 2008 in Michigan, Kentucky, California, and Texas. Dr. Yee has had the privilege of treating thousands of patients in many places for many years. Dr. Yee has seen extraordinary changes in the practice of medicine since 1970. Dr. Yee is here to do no harm and help if he can. May you live long and well. Thank you for your time. William R. Yee M.D., J.D. Board Certified in Psychiatry and licensed to practice law in Michigan. I