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Book Cover for: Diaspora Worlds Bundle, Melisse Aires

Diaspora Worlds Bundle

Melisse Aires

Adventures to Love-- In Space!

Plus a Bonus Short Story.

Her Cyborg Awakes: A harem wife and her cyborg servant escape her warlord's secret planet during a violent coup. Her servant turns into a warrior and then shuts down. Who will save them now? Kaistril, (cyborg QY) and Sabralia.

Alien Blood: The son of the planetary ruler of New Prague and a homeless lame woman compete in a broadcast survival contest on a soon-to-be colonized wilderness planet. Then the invasion happens, and survival is no longer a game. Kellac and Gema.

Starwoman's Sanctuary: Heir to a planetary ruler and a charity worker running a space station sanctuary escape an invasion with a ship of orphans, elderly and vulnerable people. The ship's crew turn out to be pirates and slavers. Kyler and Skyleen.

Escaping Poison: His civilized marriage is a fraud, and someone powerful wants to kill his ailing bride. The scientist and his society bride hide in an old science station in the wild, alien jungle of New Prague--but someone finds them. Karvar and Brielle

Cyborg Security: Widow Aerria could end up in galactic prison due to her precocious daughter's action on a non-contact world. Family friend and former cyborg Domingo uses his position as Security Officer on their ship to help her out. They can't return the abused alien child her small daughter absconded with, so they hide as a family on a bustling independent planet with a rowdy reputation. Short story.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Melisse Aires
  • Publish Date: Jan 17th, 2015
  • Pages: 560
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 1.25in - 1.55lb
  • EAN: 9798223914105
  • Categories: Romance - Science Fiction
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