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Book Cover for: Dive Into The Deep Blue Wonder: Zara's Secret Sea Adventure And The Dolphin Season 2",, Christabel Austin

Dive Into The Deep Blue Wonder: Zara's Secret Sea Adventure And The Dolphin Season 2",

Christabel Austin

Book Description:

"Dive Into The Deep Blue Wonder: Zara's Secret Sea Adventure And The Dolphin Season 2" is an enchanting tale filled with sea adventure, fun activities, and the magical bond between a young girl and a playful dolphin. Perfect for children ages 3-12, this heartwarming story takes readers on a journey beneath the waves, where friendship, discovery, and wonder await.

Join Zara, a brave and adventurous girl, as she embarks on an unforgettable journey with her beloved dolphin friend, Hope. Equipped with her trusty swim goggles and swimming pants, Zara and Hope set out to explore the ten most beautiful beaches in the United States. From the breathtaking shores of Hanalei Bay Beach in Hawaii to the iconic Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, each destination offers its own unique wonders to discover.

As Zara and Hope leap out of the water, playing and waving their hands to people partying on boats, they spread joy and laughter wherever they go. With Hope by her side, Zara becomes known as the Dolphin Girl, her picture adorning the city as she captures the hearts of children and adults alike.

"Dive Into The Deep Blue Wonder" is a delightful story that encourages children to embrace adventure, friendship, and the beauty of the natural world. Let the magic of the ocean sweep you away as you explore the beauty and mysteries that lie beneath the waves. Get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with friendship, discovery, and endless fun!

Book Details

  • Publisher: Dream-Weaver
  • Publish Date: May 4th, 2024
  • Pages: 38
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 8.50in - 0.08in - 0.19lb
  • EAN: 9798869348920
  • Recommended age: 03-12
  • Categories: Action & Adventure - Survival StoriesAnimals - Marine LifeBedtime & Dreams

About the Author

Austin, Christabel: - "Christabel Austin Christabel Austin is a Certified Dietitian for over a five year's she possesses a Master's degree in physical movement and exercise and an advanced diploma in human Nutrition Christabel provides guidance to Couples, single parents, children and has expertise and certification in children's health nutrition. Christabel Austin is a passionate and versatile author with a deep love for writing children's books as well as exploring the intricate worlds of health, relationships, and marriage. With a heart brimming with creativity and a mind that delves into the nuances of human emotions, I bring stories to life that captivate young minds and inspire meaningful conversations.As a certified author in the realms of health, relationship, and marriage, Christabel combines a wealth of knowledge with a compassionate approach, guiding readers on journeys towards wellness, fulfilling connections, and enduring love. Each written word seeks to empower, educate, and entertain, all while fostering a sense of wonder and understanding.Whether crafting enchanting tales for children or penning insightful works on matters close to the heart, leaving an indelible impact on readers of all ages. Through the pages of books, readers are invited to explore worlds that are both magical and deeply human, a testament to commitment to storytelling that uplifts, enlightens, and transforms.Join Christabel on a literary journey that celebrates the beauty of imagination, the complexities of human relationships, and the importance of well-being. Through these books, you're not just reading, you're embarking on a voyage of discovery and connection. My services encompass comprehensive dietary counseling for individuals seeking individualized guidance or online instruction, as well as for organizations interested in promoting the well-being of their employees through workshops or programs on weight man of the date on which circumstances change. Dream-Weaver Literary At Dream-Weaver, we embark on whimsical journeys through the realms of imagination, crafting enchanting stories for both children and adults. Our literary loom weaves tales that spark creativity, inspire wonder, and transport readers to magical worlds. Whether it's the laughter-filled adventures of childhood or the captivating narratives that resonate with the hearts of grown-ups. Dream-Weaver strives to create timeless stories that linger in the dreams of our readers. Join us on a literary voyage where every page is a tapestry of emotions, and every chapter unfolds like a dream waiting to be explored. Dream-Weaver Reads - where words become the threads that connect hearts and dreams.""