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Book Cover for: DNA Cryptography Using Quantum Computing, Swati Raman Gupta

DNA Cryptography Using Quantum Computing

Swati Raman Gupta

The prime concern in data communication over a transmission channel

is the security of the data which is being exchanged amongst the sender

and the receiver. Of late DNA based cryptography has emerged as an

alternative to data encryption in the research of secure communications.

In contrast, the axioms of quantum computation have greatly impacted

the study of cryptoanalysis and network security according to recent


The idea of using quantum computing using DNA encoding to perform

the quantum session key exchange is that each cipher-text pattern has

its own unique properties and so, using a scheme that applies both is

more secured than using any one alone.

Message exchange amongst the two participants is established through

quantum channels with non-orthogonal superposition states. The

experimental setup is also discussed. Various encoding schemes, such

as use of super-increasing Knapsack sequences, Fermat Number and

Gödel Code have also been explored to protect the quantum key

distribution procedure from different types of security concerns.

The significant advantage of this technique lies in the ease of detection

of any malicious intervention in the communication channel and how

by computing the bit error rate which is a function of the noise on the

communication network is discussed in my work.

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