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Book Cover for: Dope Run, Curt Littman

Dope Run

Curt Littman

Terror filled flights over open water in an overloaded WW II surplus aircraft containing enough contraband to put the pilot and crew in jail for the next hundred years, running gun battles on the high seas with United States Customs agents, tenuous negotiations with cutthroat Colombian middlemen, and concerted efforts to stay a step ahead of numerous law enforcement agencies and zealous cops, all provide for stomach churning, nerve bending action in Dope Run. Two entrepreneurs conspire and then work to import more than a million dollars worth of illegal drugs onto the shores of Florida, expecting from their highly unlawful efforts an envious profit of a small fortune to be divided between them. Expecting momentarily, after a period of several months, a double cross, or a sellout to the cops, these two men, as different in personality as night and day, partner in their conspiracy to smuggle from Rio Hacha, Colombia, to a drug lord in Memphis, Tennessee, enough dope to sink a boat - or an airplane. The plans are well laid, but the contingencies are many. No one on either side knows who can be trusted. No one knows how much the cops know, or if they simply know nothing, which is much preferred. Alert at each step for a setup, a rip-off, a frame-up, ambush, or arrest, the plotters work through the myriad hazards of planning and executing the smuggling enterprise. The endeavor results in success - for some. The price paid is high.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Authorhouse
  • Publish Date: May 20th, 2005
  • Pages: 468
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.00in - 5.00in - 1.04in - 1.11lb
  • EAN: 9781420899887
  • Categories: Action & Adventure
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