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Book Cover for: Dr. Lisa Su's AMD, Daniel D. Lee

Dr. Lisa Su's AMD

Daniel D. Lee

"Dr. Lisa Su's AMD: Powering the Future of Artificial Intelligence" is a comprehensive exploration of how Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), under the leadership of Dr. Lisa Su, is spearheading innovations in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and reshaping the technological landscape. This updated 2024 edition delves into AMD's strategic maneuvers, technological advancements, and Su's visionary leadership that have positioned the company at the forefront of the AI revolution.

The book starts with a deep dive into Dr. Lisa Su's journey from her roots as an electrical engineer to becoming the CEO of AMD, showcasing her pivotal role in the company's turnaround and growth. It presents an engaging narrative of her strategic decisions, leadership style, and the cultural transformation she spearheaded within AMD, leading to its resurgence as a powerhouse in the semiconductor industry.

Central to the narrative is AMD's aggressive foray into AI, marked by the development of cutting-edge processors and GPUs that are driving innovation in data centers, AI research, and high-performance computing. The text examines AMD's product strategy, including the launch of the groundbreaking MI300X chip and its impact on large language models and generative AI, positioning AMD as a formidable competitor in the AI domain.

Further chapters dissect the technical evolution of AMD's products, from Ryzen processors to Radeon graphics cards, and their role in advancing PC gaming, professional computing, and AI applications. The book also explores AMD's strategic partnerships and its expanding influence across global markets.

"Dr. Lisa Su's AMD" not only chronicles the technological and corporate triumphs but also addresses the broader implications of AMD's innovations in societal, ethical, and environmental contexts. It contemplates the future of AI and computing, envisioning a world increasingly powered by AMD's technologies.

This book is a testament to AMD's journey under Dr. Su's leadership, portraying her as not just a leader in technology but also a visionary shaping the future of AI. With detailed analysis, insider insights, and forward-looking perspectives, this edition is an essential read for anyone interested in the intersection of leadership, technology, and artificial intelligence.

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  • Publisher: Skycuration
  • Publish Date: Apr 5th, 2024
  • Pages: 132
  • Language: English
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