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Book Cover for: Dragon Ball Z "It's Over 9,000!" When Worldviews Collide, Derek Padula

Dragon Ball Z "It's Over 9,000!" When Worldviews Collide

Derek Padula

Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball is the world's most recognized anime and manga series, having entertained millions of fans across the globe. The legendary rivalry of the last two full blooded Saiya-jins, Goku and Vegeta, is the iconic example of a lifelong conflict that inspires fans to burst through their own personal limits.

With a foreword by Ryo Horikawa, the Japanese voice of Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z "It's Over 9,000!" When Worldviews Collide is the first book to explain where "It's Over 9,000!" came from, how the original video spread to receive over 7 million views, and why it continues to be such a popular catchphrase.

Featuring a thoroughly researched analysis of Goku and Vegeta's colliding worldviews, this book helps the reader better understand why conflict is necessary for profound personal growth and character development.

Referencing East Asian belief systems and high tech futuristic paradigms, Derek Padula, the author of The Dao of Dragon Ball books and website, provides a deeper understanding of this epic story and the inherent values within it.

It will forever change the way we look at Dragon Ball Z.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Derek Padula
  • Publish Date: Sep 9th, 2015
  • Pages: 120
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.31in - 0.73lb
  • EAN: 9781943149056
  • Categories: East Asian Style - Manga - GeneralNonfiction - GeneralPopular Culture

About the Author

Padula, Derek: - Derek Padula is the author of The Dao of Dragon Ball website and book series; the first to reveal the deep history, philosophy, and cultural roots of the world's #1 anime and manga. Derek's journey begins when he sees the Dragon Ball anime in 1997. His love for the series inspires him to start martial arts training in Shàolín gōngfu, tàijí-quán, qìgōng, karate, and Fǎlún Dàfǎ meditation. He earns his B.A. in East Asian Studies and a minor in Chinese from Western Michigan University. Then he studies abroad in Běijīng, China where he trains with the Buddhist Shàolín monks and a Dàoist tàijí sword master. After returning home he begins his life's work. He is now an authority on Dragon Ball and loves to share his understanding of this profound series that changes lives.

Praise for this book

"Reading this book will grant you a deeper understanding of Dragon Ball Z and its philosophies. The incredible insights will change the way you view the show forever." - Alex'

"It's Over 9,000! reinvigorates the franchise. It is a beneficial book for the most jaded of Dragon Ball Z fans and non-fans alike." -

"For the Dragon Ball Z fan, It's Over 9,000! is a must read. Much like how Joseph Campbell related the allegories, myths, and archetypes explored in his masterful Hero of a Thousand Faces to George Lucas' Star Wars saga, Padula provides an equally fascinating exploration of the themes in Dragon Ball Z, imparting insight into just how philosophical and sophisticated the source material truly is." - Shadowland Magazine

"Hallelujah and praise Kami-sama (or perhaps Shenron) for giving us Derek Padula and his amazingly thorough knowledge of what will always be THE "world-class" anime/manga series." -

"It's a well-written and well-informed exploration that could only come from someone as passionately in love with the shonen epic as many of us are. A stunning service to those looking to turn a scholarly eye to the series, and a great primer for newcomers. From one Vegeta fangirl to the hundreds of others out there, you'll find something to love." -