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Book Cover for: Employment Law, Emma Leatitia Mimbie

Employment Law

Emma Leatitia Mimbie

The most important legal advance in Europe following the French Revolution was the abolition of class privileges. The equality of all men before the law was the essential innovation of the new liberal regime. It ensured the disappearance of corporate and feudal privileges. From now on, everyone would be treated on an equal legal footing. People's rights and obligations would no longer vary according to their "social condition". Instead of class rights, common law will apply to all. This common law is the general law of a country that applies to everyone, without exception. Which is the body of legal rules applicable to all situations that are not subject to special or particular rules, such as adjectives that agree in gender and number, e.g.: un homme menteur/ une femme menteuse. Hence the origin and growth of social law. The aim of this law is known for its financial policy for employees, workers and the self-employed. To this end, it generally concerns the fight against discrimination and classism. Protecting the interests of working citizens.

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  • Publisher: Our Knowledge Publishing
  • Publish Date: Mar 15th, 2024
  • Pages: 60
  • Language: English
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