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Book Cover for: Expanding Approaches to Thematic Analysis: Creative Engagements with Qualitative Data, Jennifer R. Wolgemuth

Expanding Approaches to Thematic Analysis: Creative Engagements with Qualitative Data

Jennifer R. Wolgemuth

Expanding Approaches to Thematic Analysis: Creative Engagements with Qualitative Data springboards readers into a world where generating themes from qualitative data is a creative, experimental, and wondrous process!

While no one ever said it had to be, thematic analysis is invariably described as a step-by-step process that involves coding. Yet qualitative data analysis is more than a technical procedure - it invokes imagination and inspiration - intuitional engagements that are as vital to the data analysis process as they are difficult to describe. This edited book begins with two premises: 1) There is more than one way to theme data and 2) Qualitative researchers do not have to code to get to themes. Each chapter introduces readers to a different approach to thematic analysis, explores that approach's theoretical and disciplinary roots, and illustrates how that approach can be used to generate themes. Approaches include: annotating, memoing, storying, writing, composing poems, art-making, meditating, and more, expanding conceptualizations of what themes and thematic analysis can be. The book also includes 'methodologies in action;' helpful examples of creative theming from doctoral students and early career scholars.

This book is as much a provocation for engaging thematic analysis beyond/without/in addition to coding as it is a resource for anyone interested in the rationale, justification, and examples for doing so. As such, it is a source of inspiration for any qualitative student, researcher, and scholar who wishes to expand their repertoire of approaches to thematic analysis.

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  • Publisher: Routledge
  • Publish Date: Aug 1st, 2024
  • Pages: 272
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9781032484525
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About the Author

Jennifer R. Wolgemuth is Associate Professor of qualitative research at the University of South Florida. Drawing on critical, poststructural, and new materialist theories, she explores inquiry as an agential process that simultaneously investigates and creates lives and communities to and for which researchers are responsible.

Kelly W. Guyotte is Associate Professor of Qualitative Research at The University of Alabama. Always inspired by her background in the visual arts, her research interests include issues of gender and equity in higher education, artful inquiry practices, as well as qualitative pedagogy and mentoring.

Stephanie Anne Shelton is Associate Professor of Qualitative Research at The University of Alabama. Guided by her extensive background in K12 and teacher education, and situated within queer and feminist theories, she often engages in interview, focus group, and observation based research that explores LGBTQ+ issues in educational research.

Praise for this book

Expanding Approaches to Thematic Analysis delivers an invitation: to engage with creative and contemporary thematic analysis variations and to experiment and experience patterns, threads, resonances, and various contours of thematic possibilities in qualitative inquiry and beyond. An invitation to become activated and surprised!

--Mirka Koro, Arizona State University

Written by an impressive team of qualitative researchers, Expanding Approaches to Thematic Analysis is a much needed and timely book. It puts the emphasis on the need to think about what thematic analysis is, and what it might be, rather than reducing it to a form of instrumental coding and a discussion of how to do that coding. This shift of emphasis opens new and different possibilities for thematic analysis to realize its full potential and contribute to rich and nuanced interpretations (not just descriptions) in qualitative inquiries. Practical examples are provided of how such potential has, and might be, realized thereby grounding the discussion in the reality of undertaking this type of research. This book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in thematic analysis and how best to use it.

--Julianne Cheek, Østfold University College

Expanding Approaches to Thematic Analysis is a must-read for anyone engaged with qualitative data. With a wide array of compelling works that explore innovation, creativity, and imagination in the approach to qualitative data analysis, this book addresses a long-awaited intellectual demand among aspiring qualitative researchers. Each chapter not only demonstrates cutting-edge thoughts but also serves as an inspiration to move beyond the limited realm of conducting qualitative data analysis. The editors of the book thoughtfully brought eminent contributors together to make an outstanding contribution to the ever-evolving field of qualitative research.

--Jeong-Hee Kim, Texas Tech University

Expanding Approaches to Thematic Analysis: Creative Engagements with Qualitative Data is a much-needed addition to thinking on thematic analysis in qualitative inquiry for researchers working from a range of theoretical perspectives. The collection of chapters and short narratives representing "methodologies in action" provide a bountiful set of resources demonstrating thoughtful, artful, and inventive ways to contemplate what thematic analysis is and does, and how it might be enacted. Both philosophical and practical, the edited volume collectively represents an impressive array of approaches to thematic analysis. Read, learn, and be inspired!

--Kathryn Roulston, University of Georgia

In this far-reaching engagement with the practices and politics of thematic analysis, contributors provide crucial interventions that move beyond coding. From annotating and diagramming to poetry, art-making, and performance - as well as a whole host of other approaches -- contributors seek new possibilities and inventive ways forward in the practical, conceptual, theoretical, and empirical aspects of thematic analysis. Whether you are a novice student or a seasoned researcher, Expanding Approaches to Thematic Analysis will be a must-read addition to your methods library.

--Michael Giardina, Florida State University