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Book Cover for: Exposing The Deliverance Ministry: For the Demon-Happy, Matthew Simmons

Exposing The Deliverance Ministry: For the Demon-Happy

Matthew Simmons

This book retards the deliverance ministry, which is the "sneeze," "cough," and "vomit" movement. People are conjuring up, coughing up, and vomiting up Charismatic spirits and looking like utter fools, satanically manifesting like godless pagans, sacrificing themselves to totem poles, a vomiting and manifesting machine-the Manifesting Ministry Movement.
You don't have to watch William Peter Blatty's movie, The Exorcist, or see Rob Zombie's movie, The Lords of Salem, to see demonized witches manifesting. You can go to the nearest deliverance freak show and watch a bunch of professing pagans manifest to a crucifix and a beatbox. Conjure up demons and watch them manifest and fall out like an addict when black-tar heroin touches their lips.
Hold up a plastic crucifix and watch the bodies hit the floor. Hold a metallic Catholic crucifix to their foreheads and watch them vomit hog and frog spirits. Say the name of Legion and watch heads twerk around 360°. Mention a Charismatic Jezebel spirit and watch them translate into go-go dancers for the kingdom of darkness. Have them sneeze and watch Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab, come thundering out of their nostrils, causing a postnasal drip.
Call up, conjure up, and summon up the spirit of Ahab and watch them act like lobotomized primates and orangutans playing with live hand grenades. Mention a Charismatic Delilah spirit and watch them waver like a wounded whale. Conjure up a Charismatic Lilith and watch them become catatonic. Summon a Charismatic Leviathan spirit and watch them bunny-hop, pop, flip and flop, and act like barnyard animals during mating season.
Lay a crucifix to their noisy foreheads, conjure up Ariel, the mermaid spirit, and watch these professed Christian pagans choke on green-pea soup. Their heads will twist and their chests will beat like a Blacksmith's Bellows. Their hearts will start pounding like a trip hammer. The Charismatic horde, Jezebel, Merman, Python, and Leviathan, will seize their vocal cords, causing them to speak in a deep voice like in a gospel quartet, and screaming obscenities like a spider-monkey madman.
Say that Christians can't have demons and watch them become pale, turn frigged-air blue, and start screaming at the top of their lungs like a rioting, protesting, and billboard-holding LGBTQ member when you say there are only two genders: male and female. These people are trying to manifest their way through life.
The deliverance ministry has embarrassed and perverted the word deliverance, just like the LGBTQ self-entitled ignoramuses have used, abused, and embarrassed the rainbow. You can believe Christians can have demons, just like a trans female thinks it's a female. It does not make it true! Both are lies, whether genetically or doctrinally. LGBTQ members and deliverance members both have something in common: they both hate the truth.

People who claim to need demon deliverance after becoming a child of God say that the blood of Jesus Christ could not set them free; the rejuvenation and regeneration of the Holy Spirit could not set them free; but a self-appointed, demon-happy, and manufactured deliverance altar boy has the power to set them free. If the demon-slaying blood of Jesus Christ did not set you free, I guarantee you that no deliverance Catholic altar boy is going to set you free.
The people with credible, reliable, and biblical doctrine hate the "spirit of" deliverance ministry. If you are obsessed with it, love it, and are attracted to it, it's because your theology is nothing but rubble and a smoking heap of dung. The deliverance ministry is a fold of fools.You will notice that it is always the goats who follow the goats who need constant, persistent, and permanent demon cleansing, deliverance after deliverance, session after session, and still have more "demons" than the most ungodly people.


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