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Book Cover for: Fair Cloud Payments Blockchain-based Protocols, Rajiv Kapoor

Fair Cloud Payments Blockchain-based Protocols

Rajiv Kapoor

Blockchain has become a prominent technology in recent years, and because of its characteristics

like decentralization, immutability, and transparency, it is deemed as an alternative

for establishing a trusted platform. Initially introduced through Bitcoin for peer-to-peer

financial transactions, Blockchains have recently come to the forefront of the research and

industrial communities. Smart contracts have been a major driving factor in the broad

adoption of Blockchain technology as they introduce automatic control. Blockchain and

smart contracts are becoming popular in many engineering and computer science fields.

Cloud computing is one such field that can benefit from adopting Blockchain technology

to re-engineer its data centers. Blockchain is expected to be an indispensable tool to fulfill

the expectations of cloud systems' performance with minimal costs and management

overheads. Many recent works focus on utilizing Blockchain technology for establishing

trust and reliability in cloud operations. In cloud computing, it is generally assumed that the

user generally trusts the cloud provider for provisioning the service honestly and pays to the

provider before actually using the service. However, due to the monetary benefits involved,

a rational cloud provider may deviate from provisioning the service honestly. To address

this problem, existing solutions comprise trusted parties for fair payments between cloud

user and cloud provider. Nevertheless, having trusted parties does not entirely solve the

problem, and an additional financial cost is imposed on both the cloud user and the cloud

provider. In current literature, fair payments for cloud services is not addressed adequately

and hence, this thesis focus on designing fair payment protocols for cloud services without

a trusted intermediary between cloud provider and cloud users. We have identified fair

payment problems in all three traditional cloud service models and designed solutions for

them. For the platform-as-a-service model, we have proposed Blockchain-based fair payment

protocols for outsourcing-as-a-service (verifiable computation) and data aggregationas-

a-service (mobile crowdsensing). We have proposed Blockchain-based fair payment

protocols for cloud resource allocation and cloud data de-duplication for the infrastructureas-

a-service model. We have designed a Blockchain-based fair rating, charging and billing

platform for microservices deployed on a cloud for the software-as-a-service model

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  • Publish Date: Apr 11st, 2023
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