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Book Cover for: Feminism Of Lilith "(Woman's Strife For Independence)", Mlamleli Redeemer

Feminism Of Lilith "(Woman's Strife For Independence)"

Mlamleli Redeemer

Five distinct realms are where the story takes place. The first is Elysian Plain, where Theo, the creator, created Lilith and Adam and placed them to rule and enjoy life. Lilith, who was created from the dust of the earth with Adam as her spouse, is the first woman that we see. Since they were in the spirit realm, where day and night did not exist, their age is unknown. She claimed equality with Adam in Authority since she was a feminist and was made with him from the dust of the earth. As a result, she defied the will of her creator and refused to surrender to Adam, the monarch of the Elysian Plain, who was in charge of all that Theo, his creator, had made.
Then she left him with everything he owned, including his freedom, supremacy, and wealth. She made the decision to move out of her comfort zone, which was on the Elysian Plain in Theo's bosom.
Theo, who is also God, lives in the second dimension, Nirvana, with his angels, led by Phosphorous, the angels' guardian.
Lilith's boldness in starting a quarrel and seeking her own kingdom inspired Nirvana's angels. As a result, they rose up in rebellion against Theo, led by Phosphorous, and demanded to be exalted above him; however, Theo banished them instead. After being banished, they met Lilith as lost vagrants on the road. Lilith saw Phosphorous as a sycophant, and she found his obedient appearance fascinating.

She joined him in a league and meandered across Midgard's third realm. But Phosphorous and his fallen angels found themselves imprisoned in the fourth circle of hell; he turned into the devil and his angels into the demons. Adam looked to be in mourning, begging Lilith to come back. Along with his pledge to fulfill her every wish, Theo also made Eva his new wife in lieu of Lilith after Lilith left him.

After the rupture with the fallen angels, Lilith recalls her home. The woman made the decision to go back to the Elysian plan and act like an obedient wife who is prepared to give in to Adam. She greeted him as his second wife and tricked Eva into eating the cursed fruit. She also persuaded Adam to consume the fruit of wisdom. After being exiled from the region of immortality, Elysian Plain, they arrived in Midgard, the domain of mortality, and underwent a variety of hardships.

Lilith was still the nomadic vagrant she had been, and she was still apart from her spouse. He would only see her as a vision or in a night dream.
Adam and Eva relished their loving relationship while accepting their living conditions in Midgard. Envious, Lilith started to feel jealous of Adam and Eva, the humans. She gave Adam a wet dream, which made him lose interest in having sex with his wife. Michael was dispatched by Theo to mediate Eva and Lilith's revolt concerning their husband, Adam. He married Lilith and had her become pregnant.
Gigantic beings that she gave birth to eventually evolved into gods and goddesses that labored to support Adam and Eva's offspring.
Lilith ceased to plague Adam with moist dreams as a result of Michael's marriage to her. Being an intrepid nomad, she insisted on having her own realm, thus Theo established Abraham's Bosom.
This world belonged to Lilith and her offspring, the gods and goddesses, who settled there. After battling for it, Lilith was able to become a mother and rule over her offspring in her own realm that Theo made for her. After his return, Michael served in front of Theo at Nirvana.

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  • Publisher: Mlameli Redeemer
  • Publish Date: Mar 28th, 2023
  • Pages: 104
  • Language: English
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  • Categories: Romance - Fantasy