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Book Cover for: Fidic Red Book: A Companion to the 2017 Construction Contract, Jakob B. Sørensen

Fidic Red Book: A Companion to the 2017 Construction Contract

Jakob B. Sørensen

FIDIC Red Book is a practical guide for anyone involved in preparing, administering, or contributing to the FIDIC suite of contracts, 2017 edition. Designed as a companion for both the first-time and also more experienced user the book presents an accessible guide to the 21 clauses of the 2017 FIDIC Conditions of Contract, using the Conditions of Contract for Construction (Red Book) as a basis.

Opening chapters provide an introduction to international construction contracts, including the entire FIDIC suite of contracts, and there is also a list of definitions of key terms. Chapters in Part 2 provide a brief introduction to each of the Clauses and Sub-Clauses in the Red Book, and explain how they are interlinked.

A final section provides a concise practical guide to the use of the FIDIC Conditions, and a summary of special provisions discussed in Part 2. Drawing on the author's 30 years' experience with the FIDIC Conditions of Contract, this accessible guide to the FIDIC Red Book provides an ideal introduction for first time users of the FIDIC conditions of contract and will also serve as a very useful handbook and practical commentary for more experienced users.

Book Details

  • Publisher: ICE Publishing
  • Publish Date: Mar 27th, 2019
  • Pages: 240
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.50in - 6.70in - 0.60in - 0.90lb
  • EAN: 9780727764348
  • Categories: Civil - General

Praise for this book

The book kicks off with a brief yet salient introduction to FIDIC history and relationship between this, the Red Book, and the other standard forms within the range (Gold, Yellow, Silver, Green, Pink, etc), aiding the user via a simple chart in selecting the most appropriate contract for their commission. The book also advises on what has been updated since 1999 revision and whether to convert pending experience of the form.

The companion (and remember this book is aimed at sitting side by side with the contract itself), is exactly that. A succinct clause by clause guide to navigating through contract litigation jargon translating to the dialogue of the Engineer. Each chapter is aligned to the same numbered clause of the main contract thus making this book is easy to follow, even for those unfamiliar with the contract suite. In Appendix A the reader will find a helpful mini guide bringing the contract outline into just 3 pages to digest. For those venturing out on managing, leading or just curious to understand FIDIC Red Book - this is the guide for you.

--Jo Griffiths, Network Rail
Jakob Sørensen's companions to the 2017 editions of the FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver Books are practical guides for anyone using the new FIDIC editions. They include informative chapters on construction projects and the FIDIC Conditions of Contract, followed by a clause-by-clause commentary on the Sub-Clauses in the new FIDIC editions, which forms the bulk of the companions, and several appendices. For a number of reasons, these companions are of great value. They are among the first books on the market dealing with the new 2017 FIDIC editions. The companions have a clear structure and are written in a straightforward language accessible to anyone. Having the background of a practising lawyer with substantial experience in construction law, Mr. Sørensen has succeeded in creating highly informative reads with a clear practical approach to the topics discussed. The clause-by-clause commentary in the companions contains clear and informative analysis of the discussed Sub-Clauses, which addresses a number of issues not covered in similar books on the market. The Appendices to the companions are also of great practical value, especially to those involved in the drafting of contracts based upon the FIDIC Conditions, as they contain sensible and useful suggestions for amendments or clarifications to the General Conditions, which contracting parties may consider introducing in their contracts. There is no doubt that these companions merit a strong recommendation. They are a must read to any construction professional dealing with or interested in the new FIDIC editions, including engineers, contracting parties and their legal advisors.--Dr. Dimitar Kondev, White & Case LLP, Paris