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Book Cover for: Fiona Street, Stephan Michael Loy

Fiona Street

Stephan Michael Loy

Through advanced electronics and neuroscience, a special ops agent is paired mentally with an alley cat. Her skills and the predatory instinct of the cat make her the most feared and efficient agent in the world. Her

Fiona Street is a black ops operative for the National Security Agency, or at least she was until they temporarily transfered her to a new investigative arm of the Special Prosecutor's office. There, Fiona is a confused fish-out-of-water, a mission-oriented soldier thrust into the quagmire of politics. Then the other shoe drops. The special prosecutor wants her to undergo a surgical procedure that would meld her mind to that of an alley cat. Fiona's skills combined with the predatory perspective of the cat would make this already expert operative the most capable and efficient spy on Earth. All it takes is a little experimental brain surgery... After nearly getting her team wiped out during a botched op against a drug cartel, after her career is threatened if she doesn't play ball, Fiona goes through with the medical procedure. Then her first mission is to bring down her employer, the special prosecutor. Think Ghost in the Shell meets The Six Million Dollar Man. Fiona Street, from the author of Last Days and Times and Conqueror's Realm. The singularity is here, and it ain't pretty.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Mid-World Arts
  • Publish Date: Dec 19th, 2023
  • Pages: 340
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.71in - 1.00lb
  • EAN: 9798223641704
  • Categories: Superheroes (See Also Comics & Graphic Novels - Superheroes)Science Fiction - Action & AdventureThrillers - Technological

About the Author

Loy, Stephan Michael: -

Hi! Stephan Michael Loy here. A bit about me:

First that name is pronounced 'Steven, ' not 'Stefan' as so many people suppose. My mom was as imaginative as she was inventive and I suffer accordingly: -). I've published fantasy, science fiction, and satire since 2010. All those stories come from my highly imaginative and inventive mind, but they're also anchored in my wide and long experience.

--Of growing up dirt poor, in dicey neighborhoods, and with the unflaggable intention of escaping those situations.

--Of working as a journalist. A degree in Journalism from Indiana University and publication in three Midwestern newspapers, including the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Bloomington Herald-Telephone.

--Of serving as an officer in the US Army, a move that pretty much truncated that career in journalism. Served as an Armor officer, that is, led M60A3 tanks as part of the 4th Infantry Division/11th Armored Cavalry covering force on the East-West frontier of Cold War Germany in the 1980s. Executive officer of an M1 tank company in 3/63 Armor, Germany.

--After leaving the military, I took up my second love, art, the first being the aforesaid journalism. Art history student, commercial artist, and art teacher of almost thirty years. I designed and executed all my book covers.

--First and foremost, I'm a family man. Married over forty years to the coolest woman on Earth. Two wonderful boys, one of which is disabled with autism, cerebral palsy, and mild mental handicaps. I'm allowed to exist in the same house with my two cats, Buffy the Cat Toy Slayer, and the Great and Powerful Oz, First Kitty Deluxe. Still pining for my rescue Greyhound Petra, off in the Elysian Fields of Chasing Rabbits and Rolling in Grass.

I use all of this background in the stories I create to ensure the most authentic, immersive, and exciting experience for my readers.


  • Eleven novels published as I write this, another five on the way soon.

  • Five novellas published

  • Organization of the Mid-World Arts support co-op of like-minded self-published artists

  • Leader of the Mid-World Arts Writers' Critique Group, formerly the Indianapolis Writers' Critique Group.

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