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Book Cover for: From Lover to Beloved: Experience God's hope, healing, and forgiveness after committing adultery, Brenna Naufel

From Lover to Beloved: Experience God's hope, healing, and forgiveness after committing adultery

Brenna Naufel

You committed adultery, something you never thought you would do. If you are wondering if you can experience healing after an affair, author Brenna Naufel can relate.

Brenna had done the unthinkable. And not just once, but she was living in repeated, habitual sin. For five years, Brenna carried on an affair with a coworker. Her husband of eleven years at the time had no idea.

She believed so many lies for so long and told even more. And if you have committed adultery, you may struggle with lies like:

  • I have sinned too great for too long.
  • God will never take me back.
  • My spouse will never forgive me.
  • It's all hopeless.
  • This is just who I am.
And, you may wrestle with heart-wrenching questions like:
  • Is there any hope for my marriage after an affair?
  • Will God forgive me for cheating?
  • Can I ever forgive myself?
  • Can I ever truly break free from the bondage of infidelity?
  • Can I experience healing after cheating?
  • Is this just who I am?
Brenna intimately knows this struggle. From Lover to Beloved is her journey of rescue, redemption, and reconciliation to God and her husband after confessing her affair.

Full of lessons and truths learned about:

  • Confession and repentance
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Understanding how past experiences influence behavior
  • Forgiving yourself, and
  • Healing the wounds of your past.
From Lover to Beloved provides hope for the hopeless, truth about God's love, grace, and forgiveness, and encourages you toward a life of freedom and joy in Christ after infidelity!

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  • Publisher: Skipping Like a Calf
  • Publish Date: Dec 11st, 2022
  • Pages: 162
  • Language: English
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