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Book Cover for: From Profits To Prosperity: Blueprint For A Democratic Humanistic Economy, Darwen Cook

From Profits To Prosperity: Blueprint For A Democratic Humanistic Economy

Darwen Cook

It's time for a change; Capitalism and its Wealth Economics have not been challenged for 100 years. Prosperity Economics will double our prosperity for each of the next three generations and more! This book is dedicated to the middle 80% of all humanity and in particular to the middle 80% of humanity in the USA. You have been abused, exploited, cheated and lied to for far too long. It is time for an economic renaissance to enlighten you as to your circumstance and to show you a simple path to much greater prosperity. This solution will make you a principal of the economy instead of its subject. It is based on a simple idea that the economy is democratically yours! Why should you be exploited like a victim of your own economy? The economy should serve the middle 80% instead of the middle 80% serving the economy! This would make our economy democratic: of the people, by the people, and for the people! I hope to empower you and embolden you to seek a more prosperous economy for you and your children and I hope to highlight a vision by which you can achieve it, simply and easily. The issues facing us and the benefits of greater prosperity are not based on complex mathematics or esoteric economic theories. They are based on common sense and simple arithmetic that anyone can understand. If you find some aspects of the book to be too complex it is my failure not your inadequacy or the complexity of the idea. Please read on; it will probably be explained better again later on or it is just a detail not worth the confusion. Most of all do not give up because you think this is just another "pie in the sky" fantasy that will never materialize. It is attainable and the effort required by you and your fellow man is very small and doable. Furthermore the effort will be successful even if only a fraction of you have the courage to stand and participate! Only 56 people risked their lives by signing the Declaration of Independence. As with our forefathers, a brave minority can achieve democracy for the vast majority! I think the reason we are lost as a nation is because we do not have a clear and understandable vision of what to do and how to do it? We are waiting for a savior but this is not a "savior" kind of problem. It is a "grassroots" kind of problem. I do not think we are lacking in ability or enthusiasm. We want to go to the economic "moon" but we are not sure how to formulate the goal. So I have dedicated this book to painting a clear picture of what we must do and how we can do it. I hope you will join me in my quest for a democratic economy based on a prosperity paradigm that will change economics into the science of democratic and sustainable prosperity! You don't need a savior and you don't need permission! Your strength is in your numbers and your political democracy already entitles you to economic democracy! Even if a savior did arrive, she or he would likely succumb to a disease or an accident soon thereafter. So don't get caught up in personalities and saviors! Ideas are much more powerful and they last forever! This blueprint will make our destination perfectly clear. The path from profits for the privileged, to prosperity for all mankind will be brightly lit with mathematical clarity, certainty and simplicity. Our situation is perfect for a worldwide grassroots movement from the bottom-up rather than the top-down. A call for action is at hand. It is time for you to stand and be counted. This vision is yours for the wishing! Let's stand up together hand-in-hand and make this wish come true!

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  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publish Date: Oct 23rd, 2017
  • Pages: 312
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9781546772781
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About the Author

I am Darwen Cook the author of "From Profits To Prosperity". I am 74 years old and retired from a very fulfilling career as an Electrical Engineer. I have a master's degree in EE and CS from Montana State College, Bozeman Montana. I first became interested in "Economic Engineering" while in college after taking a disappointing course in Econ. 101. That course helped me come to the realization that Economics was a study of endless opinions that had no cohesive guiding principles like the other sciences that I studied and used for engineering. I gave serious consideration to changing my major to Economics but luckily I stayed with my first love Engineering. Instead Economics became my lifelong hobby and I educated myself with everything I wanted to know about Economics over a 52 year period always wondering why there is no Economic Engineering? I wondered why there was always talk about profits but never talk about prosperity! I retired in 2009, bought a sailboat and began sailing throughout the Caribbean. As of November, 2015, I am in Cartagena, Colombia waiting for wind to go to Panama. This lifestyle gave me the time to put a lifetime of economic thoughts down into a book. I now realize that no college educated economist could have or would have dared to write this book. Indeed Humanism and its prosperity paradigm proposed in this book systemizes Economics as a mathematical axiomatic system. Logically such a system can only be defined from outside of Economics at a metaeconomic level. So it must be based on ideology from Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Political Science. Consequently my credentials are well suited for this book about engineering economic prosperity for all even though they may seem strange at first blush. Your credentials are just as appropriate for reading the book! It was intended for high school educated people from all fields. The most pervasive theme in this book is: the economy is yours; you don't need a savior and you don't need permission! Your democracy already entitles you to a democratic economy! All you need to do is stand together and demand it. As of the third edition (2017) I am back in California with my family promoting this book.
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