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Book Cover for: From Tweens to Teens: The Parents' Guide to Preparing Girls for Adolescence, Maria Clark Fleshood

From Tweens to Teens: The Parents' Guide to Preparing Girls for Adolescence

Maria Clark Fleshood

All parents want their daughters to become confident, happy, self--sufficient women, but the turbulent years of early adolescence can be difficult to navigate. From Tweens to Teens invites parents to rethink how they prepare their daughters to face these difficult developmental years.

In this groundbreaking guide, psychotherapist and educator Maria Clark Fleshood encourages parents to revive global traditions to mark preadolescence (ages 8 to 13) with rituals and celebrations that guide young women through these years of self--discovery. Dr. Fleshood provides a tested, six--step approach to engage, guide, and prepare preteens for the challenges and changes of a new developmental stage. From Tweens to Teens offers parents tools that help them build tweens' self--esteem from the inside out.

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  • Publisher: Familius
  • Publish Date: Jun 7th, 2016
  • Pages: 166
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9781942934561
  • Categories: Life Stages - AdolescenceDevelopmental - AdolescentParenting - General

About the Author

Fleshood, Maria Clark: -

Maria Clark Fleshood is a Licensed Professional Psychotherapist, Advanced Imago Relationship Therapist and a Fellow with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. With a private practice in Virginia, she specializes in relationship therapy, helping parents and their adolescent daughters maintain meaningful and strong connections.

Dr. Fleshood has been a parenting specialist, working nationally and internationally with adolescent girls, for more than 30 years. Her academic, clinical, and educational work arises from her belief that a new cultural response is needed for girls to achieve a successful transition into adolescence. In From Tweens to Teens she offers parents the tools to implement such a response.

Dr. Fleshood has taught in universities and public schools, developed curricula for parenting adolescent females, facilitated workshops and parenting groups, spoken to youth programs, lectured to large groups on parenting female adolescents, and facilitated Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction clinics for girls. She was trained as a psychotherapist, educator, and theologian. Her multidiscipline approach brings unique insight to her writing and to her parenting approach. This work is informed by theory, neuroscience, behavioral science, and research.

Maria Fleshood lives with her family in central Virginia. She and her husband have four adult children and four granddaughters.

Praise for this book

"From Tweens to Teens: Preparing Girls for Adolescence by Maria Clark Fleshood is a must-read book for all parents who want to understand and support their daughters' journey to finding their identity, strengths and potential. Inspiring and illuminating, Maria Fleshood's book teaches parents how to use rituals to gain self-efficacy and self-confidence as they move into adolescence. This book is a gift for the whole family and the culture at large."
--Jette Simon, Clinical Psychologist (DK-Degree), Director of Washington, DC, Training Institute for Couples Therapy

"Maria Fleshood gives her readers, both clinicians and parents of growing girls, some exceptional tools in her much-needed book. Touching both head and heart, she does so with the hands-on skills of a solid, experienced therapist. Her research into scholarly studies provides a sound theoretical basis for her direction. Her case studies show not only the effectiveness of the rituals but also her heart of compassion contained in this approach. She does all this without excessive sentimentality, although the reader may be moved to tears by a few of the cases. This guide is most timely for the current generation of parents and grandparents who want the best for their girls but who are overwhelmed by the technological world of today's kids and the seeming power those smart phones/social groups have. I recommend this book not only for therapists, parents, and grandparents but also the many others who are trying to be helpful to girls growing into adolescence in this world that has lost most of the transitional rituals of our ancestors in all cultures."
--G. Keith Parker, PhD, Pastoral Counselor and Jungian Analyst

"Through our work with Dr. Fleshood, we have established many meaningful family traditions. A family favorite has become the 'memory box.' Family members including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are asked to give the high school graduate a special 'memento' to commemorate a treasured memory. The box of mementos is intended to provide the graduate with love and support when perhaps homesickness or challenging times arise. The outpouring of love demonstrated during this tradition has helped our family develop stronger relationships with one another."
--Marc W. Flickinger, MD

"From Tweens to Teens: A Parent's Guide to Preparing Girls for Adolescence provides readers with insight and guidance in the creative use of shared rituals to support young girls through their developmental passages into healthy adolescence. A master therapist, Maria Clark Fleshood introduces readers to the wisdom of ritual in support of contemporary parenting. Her writing is scholarly, accessible and filled with the joy of life, making this a must-read."
--Paula Ray, PsyD, Pediatric Neuropsychologist "Dr. Fleshood's book provides parents with the integrative information, framework, and tools they need to help their daughters develop a strong core of identity, have the courage to hold onto their values, and the fortitude to develop the inner resources they need to cope with life now and in the future. At some point, we know that we will have to trust our children to make the right choices in life on their own. Dr. Fleshood's book provides the guide parents need to prepare their daughters for when that day comes. It's a must read and an invaluable resource for parents raising girls."
--Lisa Zoppetti, Ph.D Clinical Psychologist and mother of tween and teen girls