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Book Cover for: Geological Background of Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits in Ordos Basin, Northwest China, Ruoshi Jin

Geological Background of Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits in Ordos Basin, Northwest China

Ruoshi Jin

This book introduces the geological background of sandstone-type uranium deposits in the Ordos Basin, Northwest China. Through comparative study of a large number of practical data such as uranium, coal and oil boreholes, the research system takes sedimentary basin as a unit and fully utilizes geological

principles and test analysis to study the basic geological, geophysical, geochemical and remote sensing image characteristics of the basin, and to restores the favorable uranium-forming geological background brought by the change of the cognitive sedimentary environment conditions. It can be used as a reference for researchers, practitioners and as well as teachers and graduate students working in uranium deposit geology, sedimentary geology and related areas

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  • Publisher: Springer
  • Publish Date: Mar 19th, 2024
  • Pages: 405
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 2023 -
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  • EAN: 9789811960307
  • Categories: Earth Sciences - GeologyEarth Sciences - MineralogyNatural Resources

About the Author

As the chief expert of uranium mine 973 project of Ministry of Science and Technology and the chief expert of uranium mine engineering of China Geological Survey, Prof. Ruoshi Jin innovates the idea of "secondary development" of coalfield and oilfield data, carries out the investigation and evaluation of sandstone-type uranium deposits in major northern basins such as Ordos Basin, and innovates the theory and technology of uranium prospecting. He has led and promoted uranium prospecting in key areas and achieved a major breakthrough in uranium resources prospecting. The "232" prospecting prediction model of Ordos Basin is established, and the model sequence of sedimentary environment and the structural style of "intrabasin uplift margin" are put forward. He has won the honorary title of Li Siguang, a geologist of China Geological Survey and a model worker in Tianjin