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Book Cover for: God's in a Box on My Dresser: An Inquiry into the Human Capacity to Thrive, Luciana Passeri

God's in a Box on My Dresser: An Inquiry into the Human Capacity to Thrive

Luciana Passeri

A must-read for everyone desiring to thrive but feeling stuck. In God's In A Box On My Dresser: An Inquiry Into The Human Capacity To Thrive, Dr. Luciana Passeri takes readers on her journey to the Peruvian Amazon Jungle as she struggles with God and religion while traversing childhood abandonment, abuse, and an eating disorder that almost took her life.

Passeri finds healing, hope, and a transformed relationship with God while living thirty days on the little island in the Amazon where she ingested ayahuasca, an ancient plant medicine that was administered by Shipibo Shamans. The snakes, caiman, a tarantula, and other jungle critters become some of her teachers as she delves into and heals memories.

Her memoir is a story of redemption as she cultivates the capacity to take full responsibility for the totality of her life and steps into her power and calls others to do the same. In God's In A Box On My Dresser: An Inquiry Into The Human Capacity To Thrive, you will discover a roadmap to clock your disempowering narratives, transform them, and experience the freedom to thrive--without the medicine or Shamans, but with the power of Passeri's own experience and healing words.

Book Details

  • Publisher: New Degree Press
  • Publish Date: Mar 15th, 2023
  • Pages: 420
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 0.94in - 1.36lb
  • EAN: 9798889266877
  • Categories: Healing - Prayer & SpiritualChristian Living - Personal MemoirsPersonal Memoirs

About the Author

Passeri, Luciana: - Dr. Luciana Passeri grew up in Minnesota and California. Having taught and coached thousands of people over 34 years, her passion is connecting people with themselves and others as they repair disempowering narratives. Using her education and experience, Dr. Passeri built PASSERI, a thriving footwear and textile company. She has done executive coaching for top-100 companies and chairs the HumanKind and La Paz International foundations that advocate for a world where everyone lives consciously, recognizing all people have the power to heal themselves and the planet through living a mindful and balanced lifestyle.Trekking solo or guiding groups on extreme treks over mountainous terrains are Passeri's way of connecting with herself, others and the planet. These group walks lead others through physical, cognitive, and emotional breakthroughs. Dr. Passeri desires to ignite and inspire others to step into their power, clock disempowering narratives, and to design the lives of their dreams. As she says, "The most important relationship we will ever have on the planet is the one we have with ourselves. Why not make it a great one, right?"

Praise for this book

"Vulnerable, gut-wrenching, and honest-a definite must-read!" - Dr. Rosa Campos-Brito, Latin American Culture Specialist.

"A relatable story for our times. Luciana invites a new perspective on God that doesn't condemn religion, but rather reminds us of the importance of a personal and vital relationship with the eternal."-Sean Chiddy, Psychotherapist and Integration Coach.

God's in a Box On My Dresser is not a book just to be read, it is a book to be studied so you can build up the courage to finally free yourself from trauma and shame. This book will transform your life!- Paula Melo, CPC, CIMA(R), CFP(R), Author, Speaker & Career & Life Strategist

"Unique and captivating; Luciana skillfully crafts memories and experiences with enchanting imagery and literary form as she invites readers on her healing journey." - Elizabeth Mann, MSW, LICSW

"Readers will feel empowered on their own path to healing, even when it feels tough, dark and unbearable." - Serena Wu, JD, Founding Partner, Radicle Law, LLP

"An incredible journey into the heart of the jungle and the heart of its narrator. Luciana's memoir is a brave exploration of personal healing, growth, and the mysterious spiritual world that surrounds us. By putting traditional Western religion into conversation with Amazonian plant medicine, Passeri shows us that finding one's unique definition of a higher power can lead to the discovery of the kind of deeply profound healing we are all capable of and that we all deserve." - Ben Grenrock, Professional Editor

"Luciana doesn't offer shortcuts to healing but rather shows readers how, with intense internal work, she clocked her disempowering narratives and now thrives. You will be inspired by her courage, honesty and wisdom. Her passion to serve will leap off the page and into your heart." - Mark Goulette, Attorney, Alternative Healing Advocate

"Luciana's adventure is truly engaging. She brings a level of vulnerability to the topic of faith and healing that few authors are willing to explore. Her optimistic faith adds flavor to her beautiful journey toward healing." - Felix Durden, Plant Medicine Guide

"Reminding us of the stories we believe and tell ourselves that keep us sick, small, and afraid, Luciana takes us on her personal journey of unraveling harmful narratives and creates the pathway for readers to do the same. You'll be inspired to take your power back and design the life of your dreams." - Leah Dietzen, Therapist for the Spiritually Adventurous, Horse Integration Therapy, Spiritual Mentor & Animal Communicator

"Like the journey of the plant dieta itself, Luciana takes us on an engaging and vulnerable account of her journey to liberate the mind of narratives that obscure the brilliant human spirit." - Safa Roberts, Plant Medicine Guide