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Book Cover for: haBITS: Change Your Mindset One Byte at a Time: How to Encode Good Habits and Decode Bad Ones, Ava Riley

haBITS: Change Your Mindset One Byte at a Time: How to Encode Good Habits and Decode Bad Ones

Ava Riley

haBITS provides you with an opportunity to be in control of your habits.

In the same way that bits are the basic unit of computer memory, haBITS are regular practices or routines that are not only small and easy to do but are also the basic unit of logical power. Habits are a component of the system that is based on compound growth. Most software codes involve sequence, selection, and repetition. In computer terminology, this is referred to as structured programming. For software to work, there are instructions that are given in the form of code. These instructions are presented in a specific order (sequence), which is constantly replicated (repetition) to execute the intended task in a particular way (selection). All lifestyles are governed by either good or bad habits, just like software is governed by code. Interestingly, the main characteristic of both good and bad habits is repetition. A behavior that is constantly repeated becomes a habit and the more the repetition, the stronger and more emphasized the habit becomes.

You may have noticed you have some habits you would rather change, and most of these habits seem to be automatic. Despite how much you focus on trying to change them, there are always firewalls that you must deal with along the way. Not only do you face resistance from your inner self, but also your surroundings- be it the people around you or the environment itself.

Are you ready to learn how to commence and retain good habits?

Starting and maintaining a new, good habit is often easier said than done. However, if you are devoted to putting in the necessary work, you will increase the likelihood of starting successfully and encoding these habits within your lifestyle. You have all it takes to replace bad habits with good ones. Decoding bad habits won't be easy. You'll have to deal with increased friction making the task more difficult. But haBITS is here to help.

In haBITS, you will learn:

  • How to stop procrastinating in starting new habits
  • Practical tips for decoding bad habits and replacing them with new ones
  • The possible challenges to expect in your journey to developing new habits and suggestions on how to conquer them
  • Different applications and other tools that you can employ in changing your habits
  • How to use the people around you to promote your desired habit change
  • And so much more!

If you were procrastinating about starting a new habit or maintaining it, this book is perfect for you. haBITS is a comprehensive compilation of what you need to know concerning human behavior. Grab a copy of this book and learn all about habits, from identifying and adopting the good ones to releasing the bad ones to be successful in life.

It is possible to replace your bad habits with good ones.

To start your journey to changing habits, take advantage of the rich source of knowledge and encouragement found in this book. Not only will you understand the science behind certain human behaviors, but you will also learn practical ways for reinforcing good habits. Get your copy today!

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