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Book Cover for: He saw the storm, Thembi Ntahane Kamahlangu

He saw the storm

Thembi Ntahane Kamahlangu

He saw the storm synopsis
After losing her husband, Nomgqibelo leaves her parents and child behind and journeys to
Pretoria to work as a cleaner at Kruger Bank. She did not just found a job in that, she also found
love, the love of her life Banzi Magalela.
Banzi Magalela meets Nomgqibelo Cazi at the reception at Kruger bank, and he instantly
knew that he wanted to marry her. That was the first and last time Banzi ever saw her. No
matter how many times he went and stood at the reception at the same time she saw her, she
never came. He embarked on a journey to find her and still he did not find her; he gave up hope
of ever finding her until one day his eyes landed on her while he was about to have coffee at a
local coffee shop. He couldn't his eyes, he knew there and then it was his only chance, so he
went in for the kill.
Nomgqibelo did not know that she had stolen someone's heart, she was going about her life
like she usually did, and then there he was. The man she spilled water all over at the reception.
She was suddenly consumed with humiliation. Charismatically Banzi walked over to her and
introduced himself. Within a few minutes they were talking as if they have known each other
for a while, with Nomgqibelo laughing out loud consumed by Banzi's charm. Banzi made his
intentions clear to her, and she was flattered. She was also in love.
A message came to her in a form of a dream, warning her about the storm that was brewing
in her new love flame. But her passionate love for Banzi was so strong that it clouded her
judgement. She did not get the message.
It was not long until Banzi sent a delegation to Eastern Cape to ask for her hand in marriage.
Nomgqibelo took her daughter Nomthi with and they became a family. When challenges come,
people forget the vow that says for better and for worse, a vow they take before God.
Resentment grew thick and thick with each year of trying for a child with no success until it
extinguished their love altogether.
Banzi transformed from being the loving husband to be a monster, calling Nomgqibelo
names for her inability to give him an heir. Her warm home turned into hell that was burning
her from within.
When Nomthi was at the prime of her teenage years, her body was going through changes,
and she was blooming. Banzi noticed and one night, he came into her bedroom and molested
her. Since then, things completely changed, the rape escalated while Nomgqibelo's health
deteriorated, so Nomthi hid the rape from her mother.
Banzi did not stop, he continued to molest her until she fell pregnant. He could no longer
hide it, so he went to tell her mother. Gogo Magalela, Banzi's mother, advised Banzi to take
Nomthi to be his wife. The one to bear him an heir.
Banzi did as his mother advised. They told Nomthi that it was culture and she had no power
to argue since they paid inhlawulo (damages) when they took her from her mother's family.
When Banzi presented the news to Nomgqibelo, she could not handle it and she lost her life.
After she was buried, they paid lobola for Nomthi and Banzi made her his wife. After Nomthi
gave birth to a girl child, Banzi went back to his old monstrous ways. She beat and molested Nomthi. She had nowhere to go, so she was trapped in this loveless marriage until she fell
pregnant with a second child.
She was scared, not for her but for her children, so she came up with a plan that was to help
her escape this marriage. Anger, desperation and resentment fuelled her desire to break free
from Banzi so she decided to take the law and put it in her own hand

Book Details

  • Publisher: National Library of South Africa
  • Publish Date: Jan 20th, 2024
  • Pages: 198
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 0.45in - 0.57lb
  • EAN: 9780796125361
  • Categories: Romance - African American & Black
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