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Book Cover for: Hope Now: Peace, Healing, and Justice When the Kingdom Comes Near, Albert L. Reyes

Hope Now: Peace, Healing, and Justice When the Kingdom Comes Near

Albert L. Reyes

Have you run into the wall? Learn how to tear the wall down so God can work through you to meet the needs of others.
Is there a wall between meeting the practical needs of people and meeting their spiritual needs? Can you only meet one or the other? In Hope Now, Dr. Albert L. Reyes tears down any existing walls that separate the joint biblical calling to meet both the spiritual and practical needs of people. Learn how these needs are two sides of the same coin and how both are not only doable but must be done.
Hope Now offers encouragement for holistic ministry showing how and why evangelism can and should be combined with social ministry and social justice efforts. Perfect for social workers and those who work with senior adults, orphans, and at-risk children, Hope Now reminds believers they are bringing Christs' kingdom near when they meet both the physical and spiritual needs of others.
Based on years of pastoral experience and service, Dr. Reyes knows firsthand how the spiritual and practical needs of people are connected. As sixth president and CEO of Buckner International since it's founding as an orphan home to post-civil war children in Texas, Reyes leads Buckner International, a ministry that has been dedicated to transforming the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, families, and senior adults for more than one hundred years.

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  • Publisher: Iron Stream Books
  • Publish Date: Oct 1st, 2019
  • Pages: 192
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9781563093197
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About the Author

Reyes, Albert L.: - Dr. Albert L. Reyes is the sixth president and CEO to lead Buckner International since it's founding. He is a member of the board of trustees of the Joint Council for International Children's Services, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and the T. B. Mason Institute. Prior to his joining Buckner, Reyes served as president of Baptist University of the Americas in San Antonio, pastor of three churches, and in numerous roles within the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

Praise for this book

"This is a remarkable book for a new generation of Christian leaders. In Hope Now: Peace, Healing, and Justice When the Kingdom Comes Near, Dr. Albert Reyes reclaims ministry to people at the margins of society and work with the everyday hurts of our neighbors as the heart of the gospel of the kingdom. It confronts that false dichotomy between evangelism and social ministry that has resulted in a disastrous inability of generations of pastors to effectively address the hurts and struggles of communities and people. In this book Reyes recaptures the genius of Jesus, who not only preached the kingdom of God but also demonstrated its power when He approached the powerless as one who was deeply touched by their hurts, who ministered to those forgotten by society as one who desired their good, and who rekindled the hope of all by confronting prejudice even when it cost Him. This book is not a theoretical treatise but an inspirational book building on the work of Robert Buckner, the founder of Buckner International, a one-hundred-year-old Christian ministry to the most vulnerable in our society." --Dr. Erich Baumgartner, professor of leadership, Andrews University
"I've known Albert Reyes for forty-three years now. I count our relationship as a genuine gift of grace from God, proven time and time again in the trials and sorrows of our lives as much as in their joys and triumphs. I must say that what I've experienced personally has held true in my observation of Al's faithfulness to those he has been called to serve and lead over the last forty-three years. If you hunger to reignite your calling to be a servant of the Most High, then I commend this book to you. With integrity, commitment to God's sovereign love, and a profound awareness that God's grace calls us out of our comfortable orthodoxies to meet the very real needs we find in this broken-down old world, Hope Now is not just worth your time--it will help make your time in this life worthy of the calling God has laid on you." --R. Mark Grace, MDiv, ACPES, chief mission and ministry officer, Baylor Scott and White Health
"With the Bible as his textbook, Albert Reyes shows us practical ways to lead people to hope. For Rhonda, an impoverished woman in Kenya, her path started with learning to bake bread. Ashlee's trail to hope started with grief counseling. Serapio's journey toward hope involved a class to learn business skills enabling him to provide for his family. For committed Christ followers, every path to hope intersects at the same place--Jesus. When talking about the Word becoming flesh, Reyes says, 'It is hard to provide hope from a distance. Hope is more meaningful when it shows up, when it comes near, in person.' Yes! Immerse yourself in the stories of lives transformed, and you will be challenged to commit yourself anew to lead people to Christ who can restore brokenness." --Sandy Wisdom-Martin, executive director, Woman's Missionary Union

"Dr. Albert Reyes is allowing his passion for underserved children, orphans, seniors, and families to flow through the pages of his book, Hope Now: Peace, Healing, and Justice When the Kingdom Comes Near. He possesses a desire for the next generation of leaders to accumulate a burden to alter the circumstances of hurting people. Dr. Reyes opens wider the work of evangelism and the absolute role of hope in the lives of those we seek to serve. He is guiding the reader to not just work toward conviction but also to engage in the ministry of comfort. This book drives one to read, review, and apply the gospel of Jesus of Nazareth to met human needs. I powerfully recommend this book to Christian professionals as well as missional-minded workers. The sooner a Christian reads this work the greater impact they will have on the kingdom." --Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert Jr., president, National Baptist Convention of America International Inc., president, North America Baptist Fellowship
"Jesus taught His disciples to pray 'Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven' (Matthew 6:10 NKJV). In Hope Now, Albert Reyes helps us to see more clearly what this prayer looks like in practice, how such intercession can become incarnation. All the while, Reyes manages to dismantle the unhelpful and unbiblical dichotomy between spiritual and material concerns. If you are looking and longing for tangible, palpable manifestations of the kingdom of God in the time between the times but do not really know what they would look like if you were to see them, this book is a must-read. Here, the message is as near as your mouth and heart (so Romans 10:8 citing Deuteronomy 30:14)." --Todd D. Still, PhD, Charles J. and Eleanor McLerran DeLancey Dean and William M. Hinson Professor of Christian Scriptures, Baylor University, Truett Seminary

"Three things last forever: faith, hope, and love. Dr. Albert Reyes tackles the importance of hope while explaining the redemptive work required for those working in God's kingdom. This book is not about ministry or religion but about God's kingdom and the hope that provides peace and justice in the world. Albert articulates his journey starting as a pastor doing ministry work to his broken heartedness to serve those who lack hope. Albert's compassion bleeds through the pages of this book as he tells his story that led him to become a leader of hope in this desperate and broken world. Albert's sincerity and passion will stimulate you to follow his example." --Raymond H. Harris, architect and author of Business by Design and The Heart of Business
"It is always a gift to watch God move. Even in the difficult times we live in, God is at work inspiring, enlightening, and reminding us the harvest is plentiful and the kingdom is near. Dr Albert Reyes's, in the publication of this masterpiece, has demonstrated that when we are obedient to God's will, lives can be changed and transformed. This book is indeed a tool that can change the trajectory of our congregations and communities. He uses Scripture so eloquently to address the importance of hope for believers and that we must focus on both the theological and the practical application of the Word in our daily existence. Too many people are hurting, and in his words, 'The gospel is for the whole person.' The church cannot suffer more division, and this book can serve as a guide to reconcile the belief that we must have a sole focus on evangelism or only on social justice. The two must coexist in a spirit of love for the transformation we seek in our world. His work as CEO of Buckner International demonstrates that this is possible. Lives filled with hope are evident in the clients and families served. Love is modeled and practiced while needs are met based on a foundation in Christ and a committed faith walk by Dr Reyes and the team he leads with great care and support. I look forward to this book being a catalyst in our conversations, our churches, and in our communities to show the world Christ in each of us because of our faith, hope, and love toward one another and all of those we encounter." --Froswa' Booker-Drew, PhD, director of community affairs and strategic alliances, State Fair of Texas
"Albert Reyes's book, Hope Now: Peace, Healing, and Justice When the Kingdom Comes Near, guides you through the tensions between an exclusive focus on evangelism over an exclusive focus on social ministry. He aptly wrestles with the differences between physical, emotional, economic, and spiritual needs and how the sum of them represent the human need. Then he points to the life of Christ for resolution that brings clarity and the power of hope. Be ready to be challenged about how your life is evidence of the kingdom coming near!" --Tami Heim, president and CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance
"This is a unique book for several reasons. First, it is based on the real-life experiences Dr. Albert Reyes has had while ministering to people as a pastor, as a university president, and as the CEO of an international benevolence organization. Second, it casts aside the artificial constructs separating evangelism and social ministries and biblically challenges people to follow the example and mandate of the incarnate Jesus Christ himself. Third, its goal is not just to meet the physical needs of the destitute, the orphans, and the marginalized but to transform their lives with the powerful message and compassionate ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The life and ministry of ministers, laypeople, and students will be transformed as they read this challenging and inspiring book."--Daniel R. Sanchez, distinguished professor of missions, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
"I am very thankful for the blessing of this work authored by Dr. Reyes. Not only is it particularly practical and relevant to this period in church history, but it also speaks directly to my ministerial experience over the past three decades. For traditional Baptists like myself, he reminds us of our rich heritage not only of spreading the gospel, planting churches, and establishing conventions but also of meeting the needs of the hurting through medical, orphan, and hundreds of other ministries from the local community to the ends of the earth. This clear call to regain not just the vision of a holistic New Testament commission but to reimplement this vision in light of the example our Savior gave us during His earthly work is a message the church needs to hear." --Chaplain (CMDR) Bryan Crittendon, United States Navy
"In this work, Hope Now: Peace, Healing, and Justice When the Kingdom Comes Near, Dr. Reyes addresses the dilemma of presenting the gospel as spoken word versus demonstrating that same gospel through practical means in a manner that addresses the practical needs of the hurting and the helpless. He wrestles with the dilemma from a scholarly perspective while respectfully speaking to both sides of the matter with compassion and heartfelt empathy. The reader will discover that both sides of the argument will challenge one's inner sense of kindness and care. Reading this book will help interested parties find ways to address their role in participating in holistic ministry during this most opportune time for offering hope and help to our society." --Reverend Dr. Michael A. Evans Sr., president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas
"This book reminds Christ followers we are not without hope; we serve a risen Savior who cares deeply about the brokenness in our communities. And while there are many things wrong in the world today, Dr. Reyes reminds us the best the church has to offer a broken world is the message of hope first delivered by Jesus Christ. This book helps us to make that message incarnational in our communities, in our cities, and in our world." --Kathryn Freeman, director of public policy, Texas Baptists Christian Life Commission
"Kingdom work is the work of a team. Dr. Albert Reyes does an excellent job in describing that God's kingdom is about humility, mourning, gentleness, desiring righteousness, mercy, purity, perseverance and joy. Hope Now: Peace, Healing, and Justice when the Kingdom Comes Near challenges God's people to live as kingdom Christians. This book reminds us we are more concerned with our will being accomplish in heaven than God's will being accomplish on earth through us. The call for every kingdom citizen is to be salt and light--full of love, grace, and good deeds. Hope Now is a powerful message about collaboration and working together with one purpose and one purpose only: make a difference and change the world. A must-read book for pastors and church leaders." --Rolando Rodriguez, director Hispanic ministries, Texas Baptists
"Modern society stands at a critical crossroads in history brought on by an ever-shrinking world made smaller and smaller by mankind's great technological advances and ever-emerging quest for dominance. This new world struggles with unprecedented shifts in migration patterns, human demographics, economic stratification, and broad-based religious struggle on a truly global scale. The dark clouds of turmoil have engulfed many believers leading to despair and the loss of life's focus and purpose. Hope Now: Peace, Healing, and Justice When the Kingdom Comes Near offers powerful illumination and direction founded upon a fresh examination of the healing power and hope in the words, teachings, and ministry of Jesus. This book is a must-read to empower a greater understanding of the importance of social ministry as a key component for transitioning toward effective Christian living." --Lee "Rusty" Waller, PhD, dean of student services and enrollment management, American University of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
"A third-generation evangelical, missiologist, theologian, pastor, church planter, seminary president, and now CEO of an international Christian social services ministry, the arc of Albert Reyes's life work has uniquely positioned him to help us bridge the false dichotomy between evangelism and social ministry. This is a tension every thoughtful minister has felt. Dr. Reyes combines practical experience with deep theological study to clear a path for the church to offer hope in a holistic way to a hurting world." --Dr. Ellis Orozco, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Richardson, Texas