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Book Cover for: How to Be a Healthy Human: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know about Health and Longevity, Emma Tekstra

How to Be a Healthy Human: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know about Health and Longevity

Emma Tekstra

Learn the truth about the healthcare industry, how little your genes influence your health, the real impact of lifestyle and daily toxin exposure, and how to shift the paradigm.

Trust in the medical profession is at an all-time low. The healthcare industry is worth trillions of dollars and growing exponentially, but people in general are getting sicker. Many of us are suffering from chronic illnesses, unwanted weight gain, cardiovascular complications, and mental health problems. So are our children. We need to shift our thinking.

How to Be a Healthy Human is for anyone who uses the healthcare system and wonders if there is another way. Carefully referenced and helpfully illustrated, the narrative is told from the rigorous but witty point of view of Emma Tekstra, an actuary and thirty-year consultant in the global health and corporate benefits space. Tekstra arms you with information about the amazing human body and the modern medical and pharmaceutical industries to empower you to take control of your own health and ultimately how to age well, utilizing conventional medical care only where absolutely necessary.
You'll receive practical guidance and discover:

  • A simple approach to nutrition
  • The symbiotic interaction of humans with nature and with microbes
  • A new way of thinking about disease and diagnoses
  • A fresh outlook on mental health and neurological conditions
  • A recipe for healthy aging
  • Resources, further reading, food hacks, and much more!
How to Be a Healthy Human is full of practical advice anyone can use to obtain vibrant health and vitality.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
  • Publish Date: Jun 4th, 2024
  • Pages: 384
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.06in - 5.91in - 1.18in - 1.45lb
  • EAN: 9781510779501
  • Categories: HolismNaturopathyAlternative Therapies

About the Author

Emma Tekstra is a global health consultant passionate about helping companies and individuals understand what truly creates health and wellbeing. As a fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Emma is deeply rooted in the data and science of the human body and what makes it tick or break down. For twenty-five years, she held executive positions at one of the leading global consulting firms working with some of the world's largest employers on their health and benefits programs. In addition to consulting and speaking engagements, Emma writes on a variety of topics including health and nutrition, the healthcare industry, Corporate HR matters, and faith. Originally from Leeds, England, she now resides in Southern California with her family. Learn more at

Praise for this book

"A delightfully thoughtful and well-researched faith-centered book that will benefit anyone wanting to turn their life around and get healthy! And getting healthy is the prime directive in a time when public health authorities and medical regulators have demonstrated failure after failure in their approach. Positive, easy to read, and deeply informed. Sure to become a helpful, healthful favorite go-to resource for many!"-- Rick Kirschner, ND, VNMI, bestselling author, speaker, and filmmaker

"In How to Be a Healthy Human, Emma Tekstra exposes exactly what's wrong with modern medicine, from doctors being taught next to nothing about nutrition to their seemingly sweeping trust in and reliance on Big Pharma. Touching on nearly every aspect of our existence that impacts our health, from technology to spirituality and everything in between, Tekstra deftly weaves information and insight into a hopeful, helpful, actionable, and wonderfully readable guide. Equal parts comprehensive and compelling, this book deserves a spot on any wellness bookshelf and should be required reading for all traditionally trained medical professionals."--Dr. Pierre Kory, author of The War on Ivermectin, cofounder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, cofounder of the Leading Edge Clinic

"A highly readable book full of important health information. Emma Tekstra educates the reader with a wealth of longevity research, cutting-edge science, and spiritual insights."--Jennifer Margulis, PhD award-winning science journalist, author of Your Baby, Your Way, and co-author of the bestseller The Vaccine-Friendly Plan

"This book is a 'how-to' guide interspersed with a deeply personal story of the author's struggles to find her way in a world where there is so much contradictory information on how to stay healthy. The book has a friendly accessible style, mixing interesting scientific facts with specific recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The message that 'food is medicine' comes through loud and clear."--Stephanie Seneff, PhD Senior Research Scientist, MIT and author of Toxic Legacy