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Book Cover for: How to Build Strong Writing - Basic Sentence Construction Skills: "Sentence Architects and Engineers: Building Mature Sentences from the Ground Up", Jenifer J. Steller

How to Build Strong Writing - Basic Sentence Construction Skills: "Sentence Architects and Engineers: Building Mature Sentences from the Ground Up"

Jenifer J. Steller

How to Build Strong Writing goes beyond a typical textbook or workbook. It is a comprehensive guide that engages young writers, encouraging them to explore the nuances of the English language and establish a solid groundwork for future writing achievements. This book is essential for students in the eighth to twelfth grade.


  • Students: Improved writing clarity, enhanced sentence analysis and construction skills, boosted confidence in academic tasks, and a solid grammatical base for advanced studies.
  • Educators: Primary teaching tool or supplementary resource, time-saving preparation, increased student engagement, and assessment support.
  • Parents, Tutors, Homeschool Programs: User-friendly layout, flexible pacing, comprehensive content, all-in-one grammar and writing resource, an aid for independent learning.

Meticulously structured to guide students through the basics of forming simple sentences, this book lays a strong foundation for writing. It is divided into detailed chapters, each covering crucial grammatical and syntactical concepts in sequence: review of parts of speech and detailing their relevance to their use in basic sentence patterns; the expansion of sentence structure with descriptive words and phrases to cultivate a mature writing style. To ensure students enhance their knowledge as they progress, every chapter begins with a clear concept explanation followed by interactive exercises that reinforce learning and add an element of creativity and thematic fun.

  • Suitable for All Ages: While targeted at eighth and ninth graders, its clear explanations make it adaptable for advanced younger learners or older students in need of a refresher. Chapters are easily adjustable to accommodate individual students' learning styles and paces.
  • Inspirational: The book features motivational insights and words of encouragement to motivate students and emphasize the importance of persistence and practice in mastering writing skills. Extension activities encourage writing on disciplines across the curriculum.
  • Self-Assessment: The book includes an answer key to aid skill evaluation and deepen understanding of key concepts.

Chapter One: Foundations of Construction

Revisiting the Building Blocks of Language

Parts of Speech: A Look at the Toolbox and the Essential Building Supplies

Chapter Two: Three Choices in Writing Sentences

To Achieve Your Message's Purpose, Look DEEPER in the Toolbox

To Say What You Mean to Say, Look even DEEPER in the Toolbox

Chapter 3: Architects at Work

The Blueprint: Designing Sentences with Purpose

Message + Purpose + Diction + Syntax = Communication

The Blueprint: Understanding Subjects and Predicates

Introduction to Sentence Constructions

The Blueprint: Understanding Direct Objects

The Blueprint: Understanding Indirect Objects

Adding New Sentence Pattern Structures: Action Verbs vs. Linking Verbs

The Blueprint: Predicate Nominatives

The Blueprint: Predicate Adjectives

Chapter 4: Adding Descriptive Details

Architects at Work: Expanding Sentences with Adjectives

Expanding with Adverbs

Chapter 5: Adding Phrases to Sentence Patterns

Introduction to Phrases

Prepositional Phrases as Adjectives

Prepositional Phrases as Adverbs

Chapter 5: Adding Appositives and Appositive Phrases

Chapter 6: More Phrases Used as Different Parts of Speech

Unleashing Your Creative Power with Verbals and Verbal Phrases

Participles and Participial Phrases

Gerunds and Gerund Phrases

Infinitive and Infinitive Phrases

Extension Activities

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