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Book Cover for: How to Fix America's Political System, John Victor

How to Fix America's Political System

John Victor

How to Fix America's Political System: Wisdom for Government System Design from History, Science, and the Bible

In this groundbreaking book, John Victor explains how to fix America's political system by applying what history, science, and the Bible teach us about how to design a government. These three sources agree perfectly, and together they provide us with an Optimal Model of government. The closer a government matches this model, the better governance it produces.

The Optimal Model of government differs in key ways from our modern American and Western model. Our enormous problems are occurring due to the areas where our political system departs from the Optimal Model. Our current system tilts power in favor of a corrupt globalist oligarchy and the parasitic political leftist portion of the population. In contrast, the Optimal Model flips the script by taking the instruments of power out of their hands, giving them no mechanism by which to carry out parasitism operations.

This is the first book to thoroughly explain what history, science, and the Bible teach us about government design, and how it can be applied to our American government today. You will learn:

* How the Optimal Model of government gives tremendous "power to the people" to stop parasitism, tyranny, and evil, but gives them no power or government mechanism to start parasitism and evil.
* What science and the Bible tell us about the true purpose of government.
* How the Optimal Model of government prevents the globalist oligarchy from using the government as a tool of corruption, parasitism, and tyranny.
* Why John Adams and Alexander Hamilton recommended a critical feature of the Optimal Model, but the other Founders rejected it - and the steep price we have paid for this error.
* How the Optimal Model of government drastically reduces the number of groups and individuals who can wield government spending power.
* Why "The Two Big Lies of the Enlightenment" have caused modern Americans confusion about government while opening huge doors for evil to operate through our government.
* How to bring the three branches of government in line with the Optimal Model.
* How to get more of the right kind of people in government, while keeping out the wrong kind of people.
* How the Optimal Model of government handles the issues of religion and speech in a way that defeats evil rather than allowing it to spread.
* And much more...

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  • Publisher: David's Door Publications
  • Publish Date: Apr 29th, 2024
  • Pages: 602
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 1.34in - 1.92lb
  • EAN: 9798988906513
  • Categories: Political Ideologies - Conservatism & Liberalism