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Book Cover for: Hungry Shadow, Sean-Michael Argo

Hungry Shadow

Sean-Michael Argo

...The Wild West Gone Wicked...

In the heart of Wyoming, amidst the rugged wilderness of the 1860s, a bounty hunter known to some as Wendigo Joe roams the land. He hunts monsters, both supernatural and human, in a land where the only law is the one enforced with a six-gun and a bowie knife. Joe is no ordinary gunslinger, for he is possessed by a wendigo spirit that gives him extraordinary strength and speed, but also plagues him with an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

On the hunt for a showdown with Jack the Ripper, an English serial killer who seeks refuge in the American frontier, Joe crosses paths with Hannah, a fierce barmaid on the brink of a lynching by vengeful miners. He saves her, only to realize that she's a force to be reckoned with in her own right. Will Hannah guide Joe back to the light, or lead him further into the abyss?

Together, they embark on a treacherous journey across the Oregon Trail, where they'll confront not only the unforgiving elements but also an outlaw sorcerer, savage gangs, and the malevolent cult leader, Lazarus the Just, along with his vile dark god.

In this enthralling dark western dime novel series, danger lurks at every turn, and the battle for Joe's soul intensifies. Will he yield to the relentless hunger of the wendigo, or can he find a way to harness its power for good? Dive into the depths of the Wendigo Joe series, where the frontier teems with malevolence and mystery.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Sean-Michael Argo
  • Publish Date: Oct 8th, 2023
  • Pages: 126
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 0.30in - 0.37lb
  • EAN: 9798215536278
  • Categories: Westerns - GeneralOccult & SupernaturalHistorical - Civil War Era
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