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Book Cover for: If Tomorrow Ever Comes, Michael Abiodun

If Tomorrow Ever Comes

Michael Abiodun

The neglect and failure to implement the provisions of the Paris Accord on climate change is sure to lead to a catastrophic end. Even though the world is already having a foretaste of what to expect with irregular weather patterns leading to increased rate of floods, unusual heat waves, hurricanes, earthquakes and the likes, more catastrophic weather events should be expected in the coming years if drastic measures are not taken to address the phenomenon by religiously implementing the provisions of the Accord.
The book, "If Tomorrow Ever Comes" is a peek into the future where the dreaded outcomes of humanity's neglect were already taking place. Set in Phoenix, Arizona, the story is built around the hero, Paseiro, his love and business life as well as his relationship with the various classes of people that makes up his society, grappling with rapid technological advancements viz a viz extreme weather conditions. He does his best to serve his community in the best possible ways and gets rewarded as he turns out to become among the wealthiest in the world.
In a fictional story filled with multiple twists and turns, an ordinarily phenomenal career as an entrepreneur would eventually turn sour as Paseiro is pushed over the cliff by his wife's inordinate desires. He betrays his community which he had hitherto served for all of his life and ends up with a twenty year prison term in solitary confinement when a disagreement with his wife made her to give him away. On the day before his release, he muses on the essence of his life and wonders what his role would be in a drastically altered world.

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  • Publish Date: May 27th, 2024
  • Pages: 106
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