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Book Cover for: Irfan: A Seeker's Guide to Science of Observation: Black & White Version, Faqeer Noor Muhammad

Irfan: A Seeker's Guide to Science of Observation: Black & White Version

Faqeer Noor Muhammad

Intentionally or otherwise, the world today is engulfed in a strange intellectual strife and insoluble mental enigma. To overcome this conflict, we must take practical steps toward creating a true conception of God in the minds of the people and to impress on their memories the necessity of religion, enabling religion and spiritualism to attain once more the preeminence that they previously enjoyed. In pursuit of that renaissance of religion, Irfan presents the exposition of two secret, rare, and closely guarded sciences and offers a vivid description of their philosophy. The first focuses on knowledge of concentration on the personal name of God (Allah), centralizing human thought and occult spiritual energies on one point to attain willpower and spiritual strength. The second invokes the inmates of the graves, calling on departed souls for wisdom. Irfan demonstrates that humanity's worldly life is not everything; rather, there is a world after death, and dying is just a part of life. It seeks to remove the fear of death and reveal it to be a beloved entity. Written by Faqeer Noor Muhammad in the early twentieth century, this spiritual study provides a valuable compendium and unique record of religion, spiritualism, and the secrets of Sufiism.

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  • Publisher: Noor (the Light)
  • Publish Date: Dec 4th, 2023
  • Pages: 342
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.88in - 1.48lb
  • EAN: 9781961227507
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About the Author

Faqeer Noor Muhammad: - Faqeer Noor Muhammad was born in Kulachi, Pakistan, in 1883. Due to intense ecstasy and paroxysms at Islamia College in Lahore, Pakistan, he adopted a reclusive lifestyle and became a mystic. He spent thirty years of his life at the mausoleum of his spiritual mentor and guide, the king of Gnostics, Sultan Bahu. After studying the books of Sultan Bahu, he created his masterpiece, Irfan (Gnosis).
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