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Book Cover for: Is America from Hell?, Martin N. Kwaning

Is America from Hell?

Martin N. Kwaning

During the Arab Spring, a series of demonstrations and riots engulfed some Arab countries such as Libya, Egypt, etc. In those demonstrations, some Arabs were found burning the American flag. In the same context, there were also some Arabs who were overwhelmingly calling on Americans for their help.

The spiritual leader of Iran, His Excellency Ayatollah Khomeini, was reported to have said, "Death to America." Although later, he did make a clarification that he was referring to America's foreign policy.

"Goddamn America," said Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a former pastor of President Barack Obama. Of course, this pastor was upset about how America was treating citizens as less than human. Across the length and breadth of the entire globe, there is persistent and sustained hatred towards America by some--to such people the world will be a better place without America.

Correspondingly, there are overwhelming majority of people in every part of the world applauding America for its generosity and protection for humanity--to such people, without America, citizens around the world will be "dead."

The narrative that is being given to America is mixed--evil or good--depending on what "lenses" you are wearing. What is the exact narrative? Is America from hell?

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