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Book Cover for: Johnny's Boy, John David Heeb

Johnny's Boy

John David Heeb

In the tiny rural towns dotting the landscape of Southeast Missouri, basketball reigns supreme. It's more than just a sport. Basketball is a sacred ritual and an all-consuming obsession that borders on religion in Missouri's Bootheel. Since most schools in this part of the state are too small for a football team, when the harvesting season ends, all eyes turn to the hardwood courts. Here, the hopes and dreams of these close-knit communities hinge on the jump shots of teenage boys.

At the heart of one basketball-crazed town is Jimmy Bell, a young prodigy shouldering an incredible burden. In Morley, Jimmy is seen as the town's next great basketball savior, a living link to the town's revered glory days. His father, Johnny Bell, was a local legend, the greatest player ever to come out of Morley High School before his life was tragically cut short before Jimmy was born.

To make Jimmy's life even more complicated, his mother is a drug addict, leaving Jimmy to be raised by his grandparents. As the expectations for Jimmy to lead the Morley Bears continue to grow, he tries to tackle the normal challenges of being a teenager - talking to girls, passing Algebra - while also confronting the inner demons from his traumatic childhood.

In every little community like Morley, people grapple with the struggles of rural American poverty and search for something to rally around. Jimmy Bell and the Morley Bears offer this town a glimmer of hope. Basketball becomes their chance to reclaim pride and unity. As Jimmy chases his hoop dreams, he becomes the personification of a town and a family trying to find their way.

Discover the gripping story of Jimmy Bell in "Johnny's Boy," the first book of the series "Entering Scott County." This book is about Jimmy's journey through his freshman year of high school, where his passion for basketball intertwines with the profound struggles of life, family, and poverty in rural America. Join Jimmy and the Bell Family on their journey as he navigates the pressure of high expectations, the challenges of his personal demons, and the unwavering support of a community that believes in him.

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  • Publish Date: May 27th, 2024
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