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Kurt James

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Kansas is the-family! Growing up, I spent my summers on my grandparent's farm south east of Alamota, Kansas. I loved to hear my grandpa Dale (Pappy) Patton and other relatives spin their tales of yesteryear and the days of old. I was quiet as a creep-mouse as I listened to the tales, of hardships, tornadoes, drought, hail, cowboys, Indians, farming, ranching, and of course the other BS that old men tell. It was an extraordinary time, even magical, listening to those tales of adventure. Those tales and tall-tales had the power to pull me into a realm of dust, danger, and dreams. As I got older, I had inherited this flare for the telling of a story, tall-tale, and poetry. I had learned the art of storytelling from some of the best that the world has never heard of.

I love Kansas, and all that it has to offer. The folks that live there are gritty, hardworking, and rough, and tough as they come. The state and those that call it home are throwbacks to a simpler, and much better time.

Kansas has a rich and adventurous history. The pioneers, farmers, ranchers, oilmen, cowboys, outlaws, lawmen, explorers, and homesteaders, headed west to live a free life and find their fortunes in a land that most had never seen before. Dotted across the Kansas plains and flowing wheat fields, you will find their abandoned homes, decaying to the extreme weather or vanishing in the face of a more advanced civilization. You will also find their graves in overgrown cemeteries that cannot even come close to tell their stories of how they lived and died. The stories of these brave men and women, are fast disappearing across Kansas's dusty vistas, and forever skies, of yesteryear.

This book is a tribute to those that I have never known, but yet still admire their courage, strength, and their free will to go live their life in the wilderness, looking for a better life.

This book is something I have been working on for years. Having lived in Colorado, South Dakota, and spending every summer growing up on my grandparents farm in Lane County, Kansas; its history has always held my interest. The tales of Kansas have always fascinated me, and as I got older, I wanted to write fictional historical novels that weave the genuine history of Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, and Wyoming throughout the stories. I take pride in the research that I do for each of my novels and adventure stories.

Within the pages of this book you will discover the history of Kansas I find the most interesting, if you are from Kansas or will visit Kansas this book will give you some interesting tidbits of some destinations you may want to explore before it is all gone.

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