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Book Cover for: Keto Basics for Beginners, Ron Kness

Keto Basics for Beginners

Ron Kness

A ketogenic lifestyle consists of eating a low carb, high healthy fat, and moderate protein diet 99 percent of the time.
What does it mean to eat ketogenic, though?

By eating this way, that your body produces ketones that it uses to make energy energy instead of using carbohydrates.

What if you started eating the way your grandparents or great grandparents used to eat? What would that look like if processed food was not around yet?

The food around then was that which was easily available such as berries, wild animals, and vegetables that are easy to grow like spinach, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.

In the beginning, there was some resistance to the ketogenic way of eating. However once a bunch of celebrities starting using and with much success, it has become more mainstream. People are taking to it and getting healthier. They're getting healthier because it's simple. They don't have to think too hard to know whether they can have that food or not. Due to this fact, it makes it easy for the ketogenic way of eating to become a full-on lifestyle.

That's good, because one thing that can ensure that people really change for life, and make eating keto a habit, is to turn it into a lifestyle. When you know you're going to live this way forever, then you tend to stick to a healthier way of eating because it's just normal and natural.
Besides being easy to stick to, there are enormous health benefits to the ketogenic lifestyle.
  • Fights Obesity - If you eat a ketogenic diet, eventually you will not be overweight.
  • Manages Diabetes - Keto lowers your blood sugar levels substantially since you will not be eating lots of high-starch veggies, lots of high-sugar fruit, or any processed food.
  • Improves Alzheimer's Disease - Because ketones are neuroprotective, Alzheimer's patients have seen some improvements and slowing of the progression of the disease by maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle.
  • Helps Prevent/Slows Cancer - One of the most common types of brain cancer(gliomas) can shrink substantially in someone on a ketogenic diet.
  • Lowers High Blood Pressure - If you have high blood pressure, you may end up going off your meds after a few weeks of the keto way of life.
  • Fights Chronic Inflammation - This way of life, drinking plenty of water, avoiding processed food, and eating enough nutrition, will keep your inflammation at bay. This is one reason people with autoimmune illness do so well on a keto way of life.
  • Helps with Other Brain Disorders - Because ketones are neuroprotective, people with any type of brain issue - ranging from memory issues and brain fog to serious issues like stroke - will find that this way of eating can help improve their condition.
  • Improves Epilepsy - This has been a way of life for many people with intractable epilepsy, providing relief to many parents of children with epilepsy.
  • Helps Reverse Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - A major cause of infertility today, the main reason people have PCOS is that they have elevated insulin levels. The high insulin environment will cause the ovaries to produce more male hormones called androgens, which can affect everything about this system. The keto way of eating can reverse this condition and if done soon enough will help restore fertility.
  • Reduces Migraines - Many people who live the ketogenic lifestyle report that they get many fewer migraines than they did before. It is thought that it works because the ketones are neuroprotective but also because of the reduction in inflammation.

The health benefits are so numerous that you can probably add to this list yourself once you get started. Many people report life-changing results from following the ketogenic lifestyle.

Isn't about time your tired it?

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