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Book Cover for: Learning Agility: Relearn, Reskill, and Reinvent, Wendy Tan

Learning Agility: Relearn, Reskill, and Reinvent

Wendy Tan

Do you truly know how to learn and unlock your full potential? The surprising answer is that most of us don't. Sure, we absorb information, but effective learning is an art few truly master. Yet, in today's rapidly changing landscape, the ability to learn continuously and adapt swiftly is your competitive edge.

Learning Agility: Relearn, Reskill, and Reinvent is your indispensable guide to unlocking the full potential of your learning prowess. This book distills extensive research and insights from 360 professionals into actionable strategies, empowering you to become a more agile and effective learner. Inside, you'll discover:

    The pivotal factor sustaining lifelong learning and how to maximize its impact.Essential learning attitudes beyond the Growth Mindset to improve learning productivity.How to design your own accelerated learning process to gain mastery faster with less effort.How to shape your workplace into your learning playground, propelling your personal and professional growth.Strategies to foster a culture of learning in your team, amplifying collective results.

Whether you're a dedicated professional seeking career growth, navigating a career transition, or simply seeking multidisciplinary expertise, this book is for you. Even if you're a manager or educator developing others, these ideas will empower you.

By cultivating your learning agility, you'll not only stay relevant in our ever-evolving world but also gradually reinvent yourself and expand your horizons. Embrace this opportunity to contribute your unique gifts to solve complex challenges and savor a more fulfilling life.

Unlock your potential. Thrive in change. Transform your future. Your journey towards becoming an agile and astute learner begins here.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Flame Centre Pte Ltd
  • Publish Date: Jun 6th, 2024
  • Pages: 150
  • Language: English
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  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.41in - 0.61lb
  • EAN: 9789819400348
  • Categories: Developmental - Lifespan DevelopmentAdult & Continuing EducationCareers - Career Advancement & Professional Development

About the Author

Tan, Wendy: - WENDY TAN, PhD is committed to developing whole people and organizations in an increasingly digital world. Her Psychology doctorate from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore specialized in lifelong learning. Wendy is an entrepreneur, researcher, and managing partner of The Flame Centre, which empowers purpose-driven organizations with growth-oriented strategies and transformative people development, driving sustained growth and success.

Praise for this book

"Learning Agility informs not just the 'what' but the 'how' towards improving one's learning effectiveness as a key differentiator. A simple, practical and applicable read that will help you uncover your learning profile and build your own strategies to improve."

- Joanne Hor, Chief Learning Officer, DBS

"Learning agility, or agile learning, is the fundamental capability needed for life. This book is a practical guide to leverage agile learning for ongoing transformation to achieve our life goals."

- Dr. Gog Soon Joo, Chief Skills Officer, SkillsFuture, Singapore

"Accessible, thorough, and solution-focused, Learning Agility deserves to be essential reading for any individual or leader. A persuasive case that learning agility should be fostered in all professionals, not just designated high potentials, it provides a timely guide to empower people through lifelong learning-a vital leverage we have over machines. I recommend it highly."

- Rose Luckin, Professor Emeritus, University College London, and founder of Educate Ventures

"In a digital world, all of us need to go back to learning. The key question is how to learn fast, efficiently, and effectively. Find the answers in Wendy's new book which delves deep into how you accelerate your learning to keep pace in this rapidly changing world. Investing the time to read the book will enhance your learning agility and you can adopt these excellent tools and tips in any situation."

- Robin Speculand, Best Selling Author World's Best Bank. Specialist in Strategy Implementation

"Thought-provoking research with insights on "how" to learn. Important for organisations and learning and development practitioners to build an agile workforce with the right skills to innovate and succeed"

- Archana Karthik, APAC Learning Leader, IBM Consulting

"Easy to follow, full of interesting and useful examples, probes and nudges to help professionals understand what is learning agility and how to cultivate it in themselves."

- Ringo Ho, Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, and editor of Entrepreneurship-Professionalism-Leadership

"In the age of AI, it's more important than ever to learn how to learn. This book is easy to read and provides practical techniques for adults to improve their learning skills."

- Whee-Teck ONG, Technology Consulting Partner in Big Four and author of Adult Learning Architecture

"This book guides managers in coaching their staff who are thinking of growing and developing to better contribute in their roles and beyond. Organizations can use these research findings to think about how they could further embed learning and development as a key success factor to achieve corporate object