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Book Cover for: Letters to My Sisters: Pain, Poise, Pride, and God's Promise, D. Nicole Williams

Letters to My Sisters: Pain, Poise, Pride, and God's Promise

D. Nicole Williams

Women wish for other women to live the best lives possible, yet women do not always share their personal stories of womanhood. In fact, one of the greatest strengths of womanhood may reside in a woman's ability to protect young women from the pains of being a woman. In this calculated abyss of silence--a marked testament of resilience and strength--women remove an essential component of a young woman's grooming by preserving secrets. Assuming that other women don't understand is a faulty judgment that keeps women separated from one another, and from self, simply because women choose not to voice misfortunes. In assuming that too much sharing is harmful, ladies do not share in ways that will help the community overall.

Too often, women pass one another as if living different lives in different spaces. However, wisdom teaches that women largely live the same lives in different bodies. Women live through insecurity, depression, and being overlooked and misunderstood. Whether women share identical experiences or not, the goal of being loved, included, and supported is common among many. Sharing gender in a world that treats so many women the same means that women's experiences align even when their social context does not. Whether rich or poor, black or white, African or Asian, ladies share a connection that transcends demographics. By appreciating this value, women will finally behold the beauty of sharing sisterhood beyond racial, generational, and geographical bounds.

With Letters to My Sisters: Pain, Poise, Pride, and God's Promise, a group of 10 African-American women have written letters from their hearts that expose intimate life details that all women will be able to relate to in some way. As readers engage this material, the hope is that the sharing of these experiences provides a gateway for other women to do the same. No longer should women keep their herstory private. As women increasingly share with one another, they create a pattern that rewrites a tragic history of silence.

To reveal censored areas of their own womanhood, black female authors of diverse backgrounds confronted their deepest pains to release burdens they have held for far too long. With these letters, women commit to saying what they mean to say and healing in formally forbidden areas of life. The intent is that this grand release encourages all of our sisters to share and release as well.

Because this book sheds light on incidents that women have been silent about for a lifetime, the words of these pages create a foundation for ladies to embrace womanhood in new ways. These letters have been written from the heart. As such, they are meant to prick a woman's heart in ways that draw ladies to one another as they draw closer to themselves.

The mind-body-soul alignment offered within Letters to My Sisters discloses the hidden tragedies and triumphs of womanhood. Though the authors may never share the depths of their souls with the sisters who impacted them directly, releasing these heartfelt stories allows women all over the world to embrace their own impacts and begin living more fully.

As you read, you are encouraged to also write. Don't miss this opportunity to share your own letters. If you're up to it, send those letters to the sisters who deserve to hear your heart. God bless you.

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  • Publisher: Sh'shares Network
  • Publish Date: Dec 31st, 2020
  • Pages: 220
  • Language: English
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About the Author

Williams, D. Nicole: - Coach D Nicole is passionate about helping, supporting and encouraging others within their personal and professional lives as well as within their business endeavors. As a transformational life coach, D Nicole is most loved for her wit, boisterous personality, direct and upfront coaching style, and generous, authentic smile. Through remarkable leadership and modest humility, Coach D Nicole has presented numerous audiences with the opportunity to confess their deepest challenges and concerns. Audiences very readily connect with Coach D as she never shies away from the opportunity to help others through sharing inspirational stories of her own! D Nicole holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. After having lived in various cities in Florida and Georgia, including Atlanta, Orlando and Tampa, Coach D Nicole has returned to her hometown using a widely-spread, highly supportive network as a platform upon which to bolster her emerging life coaching and training career. Since obtaining her formal certification as a Certified Professional Christian Life Coach, D Nicole has gone on to pursue her credential as a life coach trainer which positions her to guide aspiring coaches along their own coaching paths. The bulk of client list includes pastors and their leadership teams, various women's groups, politicians, entrepreneurs, other coaches and young women. She draws inspiration from the young ladies whom she mentors formally, and she seeks to give back the blessing of mentoring in ways not provided to her back in her youth. With these goals in mind, Coach D Nicole established Sh'Shares NETWORK as an agent for growth, support, and open dialogue with a focus on highlighting and promoting business success! Future plans include helping to build a healthy respect and admiration for the coaching profession within the North Florida market. Coach D Nicole is looking forward to developing relationships with high schools, colleges and universities, religious and community organizations throughout the area with the goal of affecting impact within thought-provoking, insight-seeking environments. Of it all, Coach D Nicole is MOST excited about the opportunity to help YOU... #ChangeYourPosture! #ChangeYourLIFE!