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Book Cover for: Life, Heaven, Hell, Stephen Wieprecht

Life, Heaven, Hell

Stephen Wieprecht

How I met my first real girlfriend?

After playing a softball game with a couple of my brothers, everyone went back to somebody's house to party. My younger brother showed up with the woman he eventually married, and his friend showed up with her friend. Her friend was being pretty serious, so I asked her a series of serious questions about herself.

She said she graduated second in her class, was the head pom-pom girl in high school, was teaching aerobics, studying aerodynamic engineering, had a curator scholarship, was on the dean's list, and had straight As.

After she had gone for a little while, I looked at her with a simple dumb looking face and paid her a compliment.

In an overly self-confident simpleton tone, I said, "You know...that ain't half bad for a girl."

Then I just counted backward from three and watched the emotion build on her face.

She exploded right on cue and said, "Not bad for a girl?"

And then she started to vent.

After ten seconds or so, my look of puzzlement gave way, and I looked out of the corner of my eyes to the right and then to the left. I looked back at her, and a small smile appeared.

She knew something was up and came to an immediate stop. She looked to the left and then to the right. Everybody was looking at her like she had lost her cool.

She looked at me and said, "I hate you," and then made her exit in style. I didn't see her after that for a few months, but I knew, with the good guys up by one, it would be interesting when I would see her. Our paths crossed again a few months later, around Christmas, and she was eager to even score.

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