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Book Cover for: Live in the Real!: Real Is Rare. Let's Make It Normal., Ark Sardarov

Live in the Real!: Real Is Rare. Let's Make It Normal.

Ark Sardarov

"Live in the REAL!" is finally the once-in-a-lifetime inspirational self-help book that you've been waiting to read and actually incorporate in your life. This is not your typical "motivational" book that skims the surface, lacks real depth and substance, and ultimately leaves you unmotivated to effect any changes in your life. This is an internal and intrinsic inspirational endeavor that indelibly penetrates your mind, heart, and soul on multiple, meaningful, and revelatory levels that you've never experienced.

"Live in the REAL!" utilizes true, authentic inspiration to permanently effect real and ever-lasting changes in your life and on your journey of becoming a better version of yourself. It does not use trite motivational techniques that only produce a temporary effect, leaving you reliant on a constant motivating stimulus outside of yourself. The permanent self-inspiration that you unearth within yourself and ingrain in your DNA will forever serve as the self-motivating fuel to guide on your path of perpetual self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-actualization. You will never have to rely on any external motivation again. You will be self-inspired and self-motivated on a permanent default basis. This inspiration is borne from the author's pragmatic philosophy of REALogy(R), in which truth undeniably penetrates your life at every level and merges with your being to unearth your REAL authentic self. Living with this truth within every aspect of your life forms a clear, laser-sharp, and straight-forward direction in your life, a life that has now been made simple and easy for you to traverse. Life is no longer "hard" for you. It is quite clear, specific, and determined, where you are living life with exuberant intention and unbreakable fortitude.

You will experience immediate life-altering changes within every aspect of your life.
- You will have a new-found appreciation and understanding of the preciousness of your life and life itself, which will serve as the foundation of your permanent transformation.
- You will no longer be in denial about any aspect of your life because all your inner truths will have unearthed the lies and made them obsolete.
- You will treasure every second and moment of time because its fragility will be readily apparent to you on a daily basis.
- You will embrace change as the constant necessity that fuels your personal growth.
- You will harness and utilize the immeasurable and unlimited powers of your mind to think on multiple and many levels as your normal and new way of thinking.
- You will transcend your personal history by breaking and unburdening yourself from prior unnecessary and futile life patterns.
- You will embrace a total and complete health and fitness lifestyle that will provide longevity, anti-aging benefits, and a prolonged healthy life.
- You will eliminate and eradicate fear from your life. Fear of literally any kind will have no impact on your life any longer.
- You will cherish and appreciate every important relationship in your life and vastly improve upon them, starting with the relationship with yourself.
- You will destroy all the false identities and masks of your life when you unbury your authentic self.
- You will unbind and unsubscribe yourself from any co-dependent relationships with money, materialism, addictions and/or social media.
- You will be love-centric, treating people with love and an open heart, not with fear and isolationism.
- Your strong belief in yourself will reveal the miracles in your life that will guide you during your self-discovery, one in which the reasons for everything will be self-evident.
- You will gain a new appreciation and understanding of meaningful and effective communication and real human connection.
- Your ultimate personal growth and transcendence will now have a transformative impact on the rest of the world from the domino example of your authentic self.
- Ultimately, you wil

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  • Publisher: Bookbaby
  • Publish Date: May 23rd, 2024
  • Pages: 238
  • Language: English
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About the Author

Ark Sardarov is a first-time published author. He is an inspirational speaker, thought leader, entrepreneur, writer, and pragmatic philosopher. After thirty years of entrepreneurship and corporate banking, Mr. Sardarov is living his life-long passion of helping people on a greater scale. Beginning in his childhood, helping others, being of service, and functioning as a crucial resource to his family, friends, clients, professional colleagues, and his community have been his consistent hallmarks in life. Now with his first book, he is committed to inspire as many people as possible in his impassioned pursuit of helping humanity. During his professional careers, he has helped hundreds of people and companies grow and achieve greater successes. At the core of these successes are his hallmarks of creating strong and long-lasting relationships by inspiring people to be fearless in activating their soul-penetrating passions. He has taken all his years of experiences of being an acute listener and an empathetic sounding board, together with his own inspiring and revelatory life experiences, to ignite others in their pursuit of becoming better versions of themselves. His driving force has been propelled by his earnest, diligent, and truthful observance of humanity and the human mind, creating his own brand of pragmatic philosophy. Mr. Sardarov lives in Southern California with his loving and supporting wife of twenty-nine years and his three amazing daughters.